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I do hope this is a rumor!!


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Gwyneth's Pressure On Coldplay

August 18, 2003

Gwyneth Paltrow's obsession with fiance Chris Martin's band Coldplay is ruining her career and tearing the British group apart, according to sources.


The Oscar-winning actress has put her acting career on hold so she can follow the Clocks hitmakers as they perform across Europe and America - but her closeness to Martin is putting a strain on the singer and his group.


Onlookers at this weekend's V Festival in Chelmsford, England, claim the screen star leaped on Martin for a serious heart-to-heart chat seconds after he stepped off stage after performing to 60,000 fans.


A witness tells British tabloid the Daily Star, "It was embarrassing. It was as if the gig never happened.


"She rushed over as he came into the backstage area - and literally had him up against the wall going on about their future. It was all really intense. Chris's face dropped from a smile into a hangdog expression."


And sources close to the band claim the novelty of having Gwyneth on tour with them is wearing off; "It's like having royalty around. No ones allowed to go near Gwyneth - especially when she's near Chris. She swans around with minders and everyone's asked to remain still when she's in transit. If she's passing through an area you are literally not allowed to move.


"It's really hard for anyone to get any time with Chris now."




I hope this is bullshit, but I could understand it if it were true. I'd be obsessed with Chris if he was mine too :D

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Don't worry she'll probably get bored soon and move onto the next poor sucker and then he'll be free and everything will be cool again. But don't go off the band, they still make great music, even if one of them is being stalked :D


Did you have a good time in skeggy?

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Missed you very muchly, glad you're back and had a good time.


I heard an interview with Guy from festival and he sounded v.happy and was joking about Chris' dream and talking about future of the band, so it ain't that bad :D :confused:

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