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I do hope this is a rumor!!


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Is Gwyneth becoming the new Yoko Ono ????


thats what i;ve been thinking for a hell of a long time.


I really don't think she is. The situation is completely different. There was a lot of rivalry in the Beatles, I mean they were friends but I don't think they were as close friends as Coldplay are - they were more colleagues than friends. They didn't split the royalties equally or the writing credits. I think if it wasn't Yoko who had split them up it would have been something equally as trivial.


Coldplay are university friends, they always do things equally; writing, money etc. There are many pics of them hugging and kissing (well Jonny and Chris anyway :D ), they still laugh at each other and tell jokes and hug at the end of concerts. I think it's possible they do dislike Gwyneth, but that's could be out of concern for Chris, the pressure she puts on him and stuff - which shows they care. Also I think Chris is less prepared to ruin his career for Gwyneth than he used to be. At first he seemed sort of infatuated with her, writing Gravity, Proof, Ladder to the Sun, and Moses for her within a few months, constantly dedicating songs to her, making reference to 'my girlfriend' in interviews. But now, I can't remember the last time he dedicated a song to her, he hardly talks about her, fiercely denies wedding plans and he always looks sort of misrable when he's with her. I think maybe her desperation to marry her is freaking him out.


I think it's going to take something more than a dislike for one of their girlfriends to split them up. I hate my best friends' boyfriend, but there's no way I'd stop hanging out with her because of it - I just try to be as civil as I can to his face and then bitch about him behind his back.


I think if Gwyneth splits them up, there must have been big problems there already!!


*listens to the two cents falling into the bottom of the bucket*

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I've never believed in that kind of rumours but... there are a lot refering to Gwyn now!! It's very suspicious...

Anyway, I think she needs to work. She has been in all the gigs lately: European and USA tour, a lot of festivals... C'mon, girl, find a film to work in!!! (and, please, let me work in there too, hehehe) :D

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Well, looking at this from an astrological POV (as I am an astrology nerd)...


Chris is a Pisces. Gwyn is a Libra. They generally both go well together, though they aren't especially compatible. Now, Libra represents marriage, commitment, and major relationships. Pisceans-and I speak from experience as well- do not like commitment. They dislike the thought of marriage while Librans love it. They need a lot of time to reflect, to be by themselves. Librans always need to be with their loved one.


Note: I'm speaking in generalities here. If you wanted a precise compatibility report, you'd have to compare their birth charts.


So, this sounds like the case here, don't you think? Gwyn's getting too attached and Chris is getting overwhelmed. And I agree, he doesn't seem as happy-go-lucky as he used to be. Hmm.

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