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Radiohead Week: Pablo Honey


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You have an awesome signature too!


By the way, this album moves fast. I'm already on Vegetable.


Edit: Mike, now your signature is even more awesome!


Yeah, alot of songs are in the 3:00-3:30 range.

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Okay... I finished with listening to the album and I also watched some videos.


I can't really answer the questions Mike posted. It's too early for that! But I can say that I really like the album. Creep was one of the first Radiohead songs I heard and I immediately liked it, so for now it's my favorite from PH.


Is it just me or does Anyone Can Play Guitar sound a bit... like a pop song? *hides*


Also, Briggins, good work for hosting!


And may I add something? I simply can't leave it out.





Thom in the Creep video :bomb:




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Favorite Song - Blow Out

Least Favorite Song - How Do You?

Most Listened to Song (iTunes/Last.fm)

Least Listened to song (itunes/last.fm)

Favorite song musically - Blow Out

Favorite song lyrically - Creep

Favorite line of the album - "Grow my hair, I want to be, want to be, want to be Jim Morrison" Anyone Can Play Guitar

Most overrated song - Creep

Most underrated song - Prove Yourself

Current Favorite - Prove Yourself

Favorite when you first listened to the song - Creep & Blow Out

What song best exemplifies each of the members off the album:

Thom - Blow Out & Creep

Jonny - You

Ed - Blow Out

Phil - Ripcord

Colin - Blow Out

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why is it cool to not like creep when its the best song on the album?


because they have so many other better songs. it's also their early days when they were just starting off, and attempting to find "their sound". I think that people associate loving creep with being new fan of the band.

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Classic raw Radiohead




Creep still the best song on that album for me. No matter how many people ruin them by only listening to that song, it still truly is the best on that album.

agreed.. I think the mainstream sort of ruined it

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Favorite Song- You

Least Favorite Song- Ripchord

Most Listened to Song (iTunes/Last.fm)- Creep

Least Listened to song (itunes/last.fm)- Vegetable

Favorite song musically- You

Favorite song lyrically- Creep

Favorite line of the album- You, are, THE SUN THE MOON THE STARS

Most overrated song- There aren't any

Most underrated song- Prove Yourself

Current Favorite- Creep

Favorite when you first listened to the record- You

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Blow Out is simply AWESOME! I think is the only song of the album that could fit in with the current setlist's. The version they played last year at Japan is one of their best performances of the tour.

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