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Coldplay Week!!!


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well I was reading someones signature and I saw it said "radiohead week"May 3 -May 9 and I thought there should be a Coldplay week:D!I for one think it should be the week of January 16 since its "THEIR" day :Pbut everyweek is a Coldplay week for me :D:thinking:

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Its less like Coldplay week, more like Coldplay days around here.



When Chris does a radio interview

Big concerts (e.g. the War Child gig)

Album/EP/Single launch


All of these are special days when loads of people come out :nice:.

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Everyday is Coldplay day around here... but I think there will be special celebrations on Feb 16th next year - first anniversary of the completion of the Postcards Project!



ohhhh we need to celebrate that!!


*goes to watch the video*

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