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Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

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On their latest album Metric's lead singer Emily Haine asks us the question "Who Would You Rather Be, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones??".


now in the context of the song its not asking which band do u prefer listening to, rather which band would u like to have been a part of. actually she's not asking either question but for the sake of this thread lets assume she is.


i can't decide which i would prefer. its pretty much the most influential band of all time vs the biggest band of all time.

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i hope you are all picking the band you would rather be a member of not the band you prefer listening to.


i'm very much torn between the two. both bands have had a massive impact on music and have been very very successful. so it really goes down to which band would of been cooler to be around. the stones are one of the best live acts ever and have been so consistently for over 40years whereas the beatles hardly spent 5years on the road before they locked themselves into Abbey Road. but at the same time it would of been amazing to have been in the studios when the Beatles were making those classic albums.

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