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High-res coldplay pics


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I don't know if we already have a thread for this :P anyway, it'd be nice to have a thread just for hi-res pictures! it could be useful for the ones who want to print posters or create wallpapers!


(posting thumbnails would be good)


okay, I'll start with these 2 that I found on flickr (I can't remember the account :( )

338742207159ed956d2fo.th.jpg 338956578639a064e422o.th.jpg



and this one from this thread (I just changed the size to wallpaper size)




from google


coldplay3.th.jpg stephancraneanscki2.th.jpg coldplay4.th.jpg cold3n.th.jpg guyberrymanstudiohouse.th.jpg


coldplay5.th.jpg wenn5195395.th.jpg th_81737432.jpg



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Wow great topic, i've been looking for some of these for ages, thanks Lore and The Escapist especially. Does anyone have the other hi-res photos from the Prospekt's March ep?

There used to be some from this photo shoot but i dont know where they have gone.


Ahhh, this thread is fantastic.


All those high resolution Viva painting pictures! :D


Thank you!!


Your welcome

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