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10 Year plan?

Matter-Eater Lad

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I have a few of them.


1. Choose the modest, middle-class route. Work my way up from a base-level job to middle-management, where I scrimp and save to finance a meager existence for myself and travel the world once or twice in my 90 years time on this planet.


2. Start a business selling flavored rice-krispy treats to passersby which I then take public. Sell my shares for $40 billion and spend the rest of my days in Monaco gambling with hotties and chilling in my Spanish mansion - which, incidentally, you can see here: http://www.sothebysrealty.com/en/PropertyDetailsPopUp.aspx?R=4100009642&Seq=1


3. Get convicted of "hindering an officer" and pay a $1000 fine plus spend a year in jail. Having a misdemeanor on my record means I'm only employable as a janitor in this Obama-conomy, so I live in a mobile home in my grandmother's back yard for the foreseeable future. This is the most likely outcome.

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I have a list of things to achieve in the next ten years, the ones with strikethrough them I've acomplished.


* Get married


* Have a kid/s


* Land a job in the Film or Television industry (I'm now on the payroll for the BBC creative writing department)


* Masturbate less than 3 times a day


* Still finish my university degree whilst working.


* Travel to various cities around the world


that's it.

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1) See Coldplay live

2) See Keane Live

3) Go to glastonbury

4) get good GCSE's

5) go to sixth form and get good A Levels

6) Study law at Uni

7) Become a successful lawyer

8) Buy a music studio

9) Create music/become singer

10) Buy a hotel

11) Buy A restaurant

12) Buy an ice cream van

13) have a big house

14) have a big family



^ Just some :D

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in 10 years ... :thinking:

i'm not sure what i'll be doing when i finish uni, not sure even what i'll do after summer... but anyways...


* get to work on what i really want to

* be happy with a special guy


simply that i think, other things would be a + to those two or some variation of that, or just add this one:


* take part on Coldplaying's 10th anniversary meeting :P (if it ever happen).

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Next ten years...


1. See a Coldplay show

2. Graduate High School with a full ride scholarship to a school of my choice

3. Make it through College

4. Get a job doing something that I'm not technically super happy about but that I am content with.

5. at least get engaged

6. Travel to Europe


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I can't even see past 30... which is in 3 years. I know I want to be living on my own by then, which means having a job and finishing school. But other than that I think my priorities will have changed a lot by my 30s, so I'm not big on plans for then.



Now as for plans for now so that I'll be ready for then... :book2:

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- See Coldplay live

- Become a doctor

- Travel the world

- Be happy with a guy


I just can't see how will be my life after the summer holidays, so in 10 years !:stunned:


Haha, me neither. I can't even see my life during the summer holidays..

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