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Lurker turned member :)


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Hey gang! I'm Tori/Oceana, a 19 year old from Washington state. Ever since my family scored tickets to the July 11 show at the Gorge - my FIRST Coldplay concert!!!!!!!! - I've been poking around these boards trying to get ready and just immerse myself in Coldplay fandom. I've been a fan since Parachutes, but never had the chance to see them live before now (one of the great betrayals of my childhood - my dad was in Seattle a couple years ago at the same time Coldplay was doing a show there and decided to buy a ticket off the street and go :( )


So yeah. I just want to say how impressed I am with these boards - I have learned SO much about the shows, and I really feel like I'm going in equipped with the knowledge I need to truly have a blast at the show. So thank you all for being so helpful and I'm stoked to be properly joining the boards.

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