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worst shows to hit UK shores


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wait for it.........







and if none of you guy's know this show..........................







i might kill!!!.....................................






wait for it







let the blood run free.......(australian hospital show) pam sandwich (real character) used to be on ch4 me thinks real late at night!!!!! :/ :stunned:

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omg im sooooo glad someone else knows it!! greg i could just kiss you!!!! ;)

that was the funniest thing ever and i can't even believe i remembered it!!! i used to stay up real late to watch it when i was a kid that and prisoner cell block h *hangs head in shame :embarrased: * :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Yeah feefs! I had to think hard about it when you mentioned it, but bells were ringing and I remembered! My God that show was hideous!! It was like bad Monty Python crossed with the Rocky Horror Show on crack!! :lol:


oooh and yes, changing rooms! *shudders* :stunned: My mother is OBSESSED w/ DYI shows, I think she'd leave my Dad for Lawrence Lluewelen my name is so ridiculous not to mention my hair and clothes Bowen! :D :stunned:

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more: (digiTV has some suckarse Shite on it, no??!! hahahaha)


QVC - ok not a show but :o

Diagnosis Murder (though i have been caught watching!! lol)

King of Queens (extremely dodgy us sitcom)






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What about some other Aussie "gems"?

Sons & Daughters

A Country Practice

The Sullivans (think a v young Kylie was in that)


And the "off sick from school and watching out of boredom" favourite.......

Going for Gold!!


As if being asked questions in a language that is not your first is NOT a disadvantage!!!! :confused: And don't even get me started on Henry Kelly :angry:

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