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Rate the latest album you've listened to


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Hey, thought we could use a game for albums just like the movies one...


21st century breakdown (Green day) - 3.8/10


I know, I'm kind of embarrassed that I listened all the way through it but I used to be a fan, and my curiosity overthrew me (no I didn't pay for it, just listened through lala).


Its weak. They exhausted whatever scraps of creativity they had on 'Idiot', and while the constantly reappearing piano ballads are new, this album is exceedingly long, indulgent, repetitive and simply unoriginal. Almost nothing fresh about it, and for a supposed 'rock opera', you've heard pretty all there is to hear by the end of act 1. Armstrong throws in some 80s guitar influences, and eerily Mccartney-esque piano bits but Billie Joe's voice just knocks these crude imitations way below par.

Its also agonizingly long. I don't see how anyone could keep interest in such stale, monotonous power chords and even less creative lyrics for nearly 70 minutes (even with the occasional piano or acoustic guitar interlude). The album has zero flow, and the only high-points come from the title track, which is a decent attempt at a so-called epic, combining some interesting little sections a la jesus of seburbia. and then the obvious but surprisingly well put together single "21 guns".


But all in all, this album confirms that I outgrew the stale, predictable Green Day years ago, and despite their best efforts, I'm not coming back any time soon.

Would not recommend.

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good idea. :)


Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

(note: first album i listen of this band...).


i like the begin and the end, good calm in the middle, playing there "Orchid", may be sounds even better because "Children of the grave" goes just before it, the album generaly goes calmy in the middle end, but again the last song is more 'rocky' ("Into the Void"). No discussion there, Tony Iommi is a great guitarist.


so my mark to this one is 8/10.

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HIM - Dark Light



1. Vampire Heart, powerful entrance, musically and voice.

2. Rip out the wings of a butterfly, just sounds like an anthem itself, good melody.

3. Under the rose, partially camly, and well done putting it there.

4. Killing Loneliness, that decided me to listen the whole album, like a mix of the previous 3.

5. Dark Light, good entrance of the song, nice melody. Sounds mellow.

6. Behind the crimson door, powerful and good guitars there, good riff.

7. The Face of God, mellow voice there, "catchy" lyrics.

8. Drunk in Shadows, hard guitar entrance, a bit like track 3.

9. Play Dead, mellow voice again as the song entrance, again "catchy" lyrics, nice piano.

10. In the Nightside of Eden, good combination piano+guitar at the entrance, good that they sing all together in some lines, makes is more powerful, so metal finished.




I like the order of the songs, it makes the album flows better, and that you don't get tired of it. Good the changes of voice, from more powerful to mellow when it's needed. And the alternation of guitar and piano, and that at times they go with "separated" melodies, through the whole album. I didn't payed much attention to the lyrics so i can't really rate that part, i just payed attention to the music and voice, as i always do when i listen a band for first time. I have to say, that surprisingly for me at times they didn't sound as Hard as i thought they would be, musically, i guess the Hard thing is on their lyrics then, gotta check that part better. And thankfully, to be a band of this kind, they actually sing and don't scream, at least on the study, live i have no clue.


so rate will be: 8.5 / 10.

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big whiskey and the groogrux king - dave matthews band


I'd give it a 7/10 atm. It might still grow on me. Def. not as good as their Big 3 albums of the 90's, but a step in the right direction. A few really good songs, but the middle few of the album drag and give it a somewhat repetitive feel. Like I said, it may just take some time to grow on me.

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Epica - The Divine Conspiracy




never listened that band before, but i like their style, good mixture of metal and classic music. i still dislike the grunts/screams of the guy, but the woman's voice is great to listen to.


I liked "Living a Lie" cause at some point it have some part of a religious hymn in latin, that was a bit unexpected, and so original.

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... nobody rate albums here?



Vile by Cannibal Corpse


i don't know well how to rate it as it was just to check death metal. :uhoh:



i don't like the constant grunding, but i like the guitar, although is nothing so spectacular.

didn't pay any attention to the lyrics (and i find it like impossible to understand with the grunding), but judging by the artwork and song titles, is pretty violent and agressive.


if i am honest the grind has bring me a bit of a headache now...

but will be interesting to listen when i'll be really :angry:

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Alone in the Dark ---> 8.5 / 10

(metal/rock compilation album).


is a double cd so occupied me almost the whole evening....


i would consider first album just rock or if so goth rock....


the second album is clearly metal, grindmetal, deathmetal, and with that "helicopter" effect.


anyways as it was a good way to discover more bands, and it have some good melodies.


thought to give it a 7.5 or 8 .... but oh, just the last song is lovely, just music, no voice. :surprised: (great and mostly after 4 grind songs :rolleyes: )



surprised that after some grind have no headache as usual. :lol:

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Porta - Trastorno Bipolar



Ok i used to hate that guy, but think some songs on that album are great, not like much others.... but really some people should take them as a warn and reflection of his generation, it just reflects most the problems they have.


best songs:


Querida Alma Gemela

La Bella y La Bestia


not liked those ones:


Voces en mi Interior


i wonder how people will take it this time :rolleyes:

anyways is a bit worrying some the lyrics that seem to reflect recent problems of himself. :\

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Breadcrumb Trail - The Frames




Their first live album. Many great moments including some hilarious anecdotes from Glen Hansard, but the sound was poor and the crowd was largely unresponsive. I look forward to hearing Set List, their main live album.

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