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New coldplay video (strawberry swing?)


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Hi, I'm just watching brand:neu at MTV Germany. The show always relese new videos in Germany. Now before the ad the moderator said "stay here, after the ad new video of Söhne Mannheims and COLDPLAY".

I don't think I missed a coldplay video, so turn on MTV germany if a new coldplay video is also beyond your knowledge.

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Clam down, guy!


It's Lovers In Japan :dozey:


I'm happy though, because it's finally a single here too, so maybe I'll see it on TV a couple of times. :nice: And it's even more beautiful in good quality! Aw, I love it ... :heart:

And Markus Kafka (the moderator) is a Fan of Coldplay. Last time when Life In Technicolor ii took its premiere, he was almost exploding of joy. :D

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Still a good video ;)


I don't like MTV Germany. First they didn't announce the delay of violet hill and now they claim lovers in japan as being new.....


Can someone close this thread?

It is indeed new here in Germany, because that was the music video premire and before, Lovers In Japan was only released for radio stations in the USA.

I'm thinking about whether it LiJ will be released as a physicall single now that we have it as well. :thinking:

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MTV Asia even worse, they said Lovers In Japan is Coldplay's latest single :uhoh:


And they keep doing spelling and factual errors like Life In Technicolour ii instead of Life In Technicolor ii, Lost instead of Lost! and Lost! instead of Lost+. And one more thing, they said Life in Technicolor ii is taken from VLVODAAHF. :dozey:


Okay off topic :P Sorry

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