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The Temper Trap Thread


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The Temper Trap are a great new band coming out of Melbourne, Australia. They are currently residing in the UK, and their sound as been compared to that of Coldplay and U2.


The band finished recording their debut album with veteran music producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) in March of 2009 in London, after 4 weeks recording the bulk of the album in Melbourne in late 2008.


These are their releases, with their debut album due out June 19th in Australia. There is a lot of hype surrounding them, and they are being labelled the 'best thing to come out of Australia' in the past 10 years.



2006: The Temper Trap [Ep]



2008: Sweet Disposition [single]



2009: Science Of Fear [single]



2009: Conditions (Out June 19)


Also, The BBC chose The Temper Trap on its top 15 Sound of 2009.


Has anyone else heard them, and liked their music?


Here are some links to hear their songs:






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i've been reading some very very mixed reviews of their debut album. their EP's and recent singles have set the bar extremely high for this album. i'm not going to settle with the reviews, i'll this record a listen myself when it comes out. but ive got the feeling i will be dissapointed.


and according to that review, Sweet Disposition is about as good as it gets, sooo ehh i dunno.

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I heard Sweet Disposition on the radio last week and loved it so checked out their myspace page pronto...the tracks on there are really good...lost love is prob my fave...


..they seem a promising band, so I'll defo be d/loading the album whenever I spot it on amazon here :thumbsup:

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i guess they think they can stir up alot of attention by flogging the life out of Sweet Disposition. having heard about half of the album so far, sweet disposition is heads and shoulders above everything else.


triple j has hardly supported this band and i think thats going to make it alot harder for them to make the big time. they chose the new Gossip album over temper trap as the feature album of this week.

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The Temper Trap (from Melbourne,Australia)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN7HQrgakZU]YouTube - The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition[/ame]



This song gives me an incredible sense of peace and freedom,just close your eyes and listen to it...i'm sure y'all agree with me.

Their debut album will be released on August 10



More infos here:




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