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Who Is The Oracle???

Guest howyousawtheworld

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well i think the oracle could be other this debs wild chick or Phil Harvey well in some way it should be Phil Harvey because come to think about it what does he do for the band his a member of what do you guys think about it or maybe Chris Martin.

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:lol:no but on Edith Bowman interview

She said something about The Oracle

then Chris was like "what?oh ,oh yea Debs..."though he said it very softly:D


Oh yeah I remember that. Hmmm. It is suspiscious, indeed :thinking: Chris is so lovely :P



And about Debs denying it, I know, but she can't really admit it by herself, it would ruin the mystery and everything.

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i thought chris was Prospekt! :confused:


haha i thought the same long time ago til i paiid attention to the messages and it says for example: "CHRIS and the guys do this" so i dont really think chris would write in thirth person:lol:

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