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Coldplay Made Me Obsessed With Rain

Technicolor Liver

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Coldplay has made me obsessed with Coldplay. :heart:

hahaha Brooke i reallly dont know any other way to sum it up!

coldplay has made me just... completely obsessed with them. period. andd every little thing that reminds me of them makes me freak out. i just really deeply love Coldplay. they are my obsession. :wacky:

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The number 42. Coldplay have mainly made me obsessed with Coldplay (:rolleyes:) and everything Coldplay related. :nice: and Chris Martin obviously... :shy: You can relate everything to something in Coldplay's lyrics or something they've said or photos of them, so they've made me do that too, often automatically.

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Yeah, COLDPLAY. :heart::heart::heart::heart:











































(Nuff said and, of course, all sorts of stuff related to them or that reminds me of them... like everything!!

I think of them all the time.

I freak out people when they say something and I'll be like "yeah, watevercoldplayreladthing"... it happens all the time :lol::heart::heart::heart::heart:)

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