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How did you feel when you first became a Coldplaying Member ?


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:thinking: i don't remember.

i joined just looking for coldplay info and fans....

but i don't really remember how i felt, it was an august day, i was lurking some weeks before....

i joined and back then there was no international section, so i found it a bit shocking (as to say, cold) to find everything in english, didn't felt so confident with my level in that language... so i didn't posted much in the first weeks... i didn't checked for like 2 or 3 months, then one day i came back, and i stayed.


thankfully many years back we have an international section (since i opened the first non-english thread), so most foreign people feel warmly welcomed. :)

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When I first joined, I posted in the Coldplay section...that was boring as shit. I came back months later, I think Saffire got me to start posting in the lounge...then I quit again, then I came back a few weeks ago.

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