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Do you hate the taste of beer?


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I'm from Canada. 19's the age.


Two more years. I'll let you know how it goes next October.


Or I could just sneak a bottle from our wine cabinet thing, which no one has ever used. There's been like 10 full bottles in there for like 5 some odd years.

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i disliked it at first, but magically when i turned 18 (legal age to drink here) i had no problem with it or any other drink (of the ones i tried), but i don't drink beer or alcohol often, very rarely really.


and btw on summer nights going out, a cold beer better than other stuff.

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Oh come on guys admit it, you never waited to be old enough to drink :wacky:

Good thing I don't drink. Maybe once in a while but that's it.

oh come on i admit it, my parents gave me the first glass of wine and cigarette when i was like 16-17, but i didn't liked any back then ;) (about beer and alcohol simply i never liked any sparkling drink not even coca-cola).

once i turned 18 i have not smoked nor drink, just some beer from time to time as i've said.

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