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Shiver acoustic

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Can any one tell me how they play Shiver on the Acoustic guitar, also that one part where Johnny Buckland plays after Chris martin sings, "u say u see straight through me don't u" haha Can some1 help me! is there a wierd tuning or somethin'

Thanx a mill


DOugie fresh

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Never see a good Chris guitar tab part


I have "Play acoustic guitar with... Coldplay"

the first part is ok, tuning is E A B G B D#


and the pre-chorus is not good:

_______From the moment I wake..."


9 x 11 9 0 0_____9 x 12 9 0 0


_____I'll be there by your side..."


2 x 2 4 0 0_____2 x 4 4 0 0_____________ it sounds horrible


Can someone help me ?

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personally - it's wrong, i know - i'd play it standard tuned.

do the "half-open-chords" (or whatever you'd like to call them; just use your thumb on the low e string!!)

like the intro/chorus, it's :

Badd(b5) 799800

F#m7add4 244200

Aadd2 577600

G#madd(#5) 466400

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I give you the good Chris guitar part, until the pre-chorus


Tuning E A B G B D#


B_______7 x 7 8 0 0

F#m11__2 x 2 2 0 0

Aadd9___5 x 5 6 0 0

G#m____4 x 4 4 0 0

E_______x x 5 4 0 5

Esus2___x x 5 4 0 3

B*_____x x 0 8 0 0

Bmaj7__x x 0 3 0 0

Badd11_x x 0 9 0 0


Intro_B____F#m11__Aadd9____G#m X3



So I look in your direction but you pay me no attention do






And I know you listen to me cos you say you see straight through me don't you




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This is from the song book, and this first part is really nice, but I think the song book is wrong from the pre-chorus to the end.


C#m13 C#m9 G#m7 A#dim they all sounds horrible, do you agree with me or not ?


We can see on the video Chris using his 5 fingers, maybe 4 (but not only three) on C#m13 C#m9 F#m13

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