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||The OFFICIAL Coldplay FanFic Thread 2||CUZ WE IZ COOL


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ooh, i'll start!

a tiny little fanfic in celebration of the new thread! :D


Food for Four




In the kitchen of the home of Christopher, said homeowner and Mr. Jonathan are preparing a feast for the other two guys, who are Will and Guy in case you didn't know.


"Perhaps... if I mix these two together... they'll taste delicious!" Christopher said. He had no clue what he was talking about.


"What, watermelon and ketchup?" Mr. Jonathan asked. See, Christopher had no idea what he was talking about. Ketchup and watermelon would be disgusting together.


"Yes, of course."


"That sounds disgusting." Luckily for crazy Christopher, Mr. Jonathan has his head on straight. He understands that the combination of said melon and said condiment would result in immense vomiting from the parties that consumed it. "Let's stick with the fausages."


"Mm, fausages. May we have shrimp and aubergine as well?"


"Why the hell are you asking me? It's your house." Christopher looked alertly around the room. The counters, the table, the fridge, the sink, the lights... they did look familiar.


"So it is... then we shall feast on shrimp, aubergine, and fausages!"


"And if we run out of that, we can eat your house!"


"Oh, that's right. Me, I got a house with a cornflake door."


"And some cheese windows. Why is that, again?"


"I don't know why, that's just the way it goes. So... we could eat my house!"


"Yes, but let's not unless we have to. That way you can still have a house to live in."


"Ah, you are so intelligent, Mr. Jonathan. I'm so glad you're my BFFL."


"Christopher, sometimes you're weird and you say silly things and are a bit campy at times and cry a lot, but I am equally as glad that we are BFFLs."


"Yeah. HUG ME, BROTHER!" Christopher and Mr. Jonathan hugged. It was cute!




"Hey, weren't we supposed to eat food at some point?" Guy asked Will. They were sitting in the dining room of the home of Christopher, and said homeowner and Mr. Jonathan were still in the kitchen of the home of Christopher, preparing a feast for the other two guys, who are Will and Guy in case you still didn't know.


"Yes, I think so."


"Hmm, perhaps I shall go check up on the... uh... 'chefs'." Guy walked into the kitchen of the home of Christopher, and said homeowner and Mr. Jonathan were still hugging. It was still cute, too! "Aww!"


Guy, deciding he didn't want to ruin their moment, walked back into the dining room, where Will was still sitting.




"They were having a BFFL moment, and I didn't want to ruin it."


"What should we do then?"




"All right!" Will jumped up and he and Guy walked out through the cornflake door of the home of Christopher. "But we can't eat too much, remember. Don't want to end up like Sadriani!"


"Oh, right. Poor bloke. Has he lost the weight yet?"


"Who cares? He tried to kill us!"


"Oh, yeah. Never mind then!"


And so they went to McDonald's, leaving Christopher and Mr. Jonathan behind. It's OK, though, cause they were having a BFFL moment. They didn't notice, even after they stopped hugging and finally prepared the feast... two years later.



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*In the bakery, Chris is on the couch, singing along to chords on his guitar*

*Will walks in*

*Chris stops playing, there is silence at he glares at Will*

Chris-DAMMIT WILL! You threw off my rythm! You threw it OFF!

*silence as Will stands, motionless*

Will- Jonny!

*Jonny walks into the room, and sits beside Chris on the couch, and sings to Chris*

Jonny- "Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones,

*Chris is now resting on Jonny, eyes closed*

Jonny- "And I will try-"

Chris- "to kiss you"

*Jonny scoots away, as Chris tries to kiss his cheek, falling onto the couch*

Chris- DAMMIT Jonny!

Jonny- Guy!


I've been moving this one and only Fanfic of mine around :)

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Chris- Jonny boy, come tell me what you think of this...

Jonny- Chris.

Chris- Yes Jonny boy?

Jonny- I'm sick of you calling me Jonny boy like I'm your pet dog or something.

Chris- Don't underestimate the importance of me calling you Jonny-Boy.

Jonny- What is the importance?

Chris- (whispering) It symbolizes the POWER I have over YOU, Jonny-Boy.

Jonny- I've had it.

Chris- You're leaving me Jonny-boy?!

Jonny- I'm moving on.


Jonny- to GUY.

*Chris stands, mouth wide open*

Jonny- He's got CLASS.

Chris- But I thought we had something special?!

Guy- I'm hotter than both of you put together, so shut up.

*Will walks in*

Will- *sighs* Who must I beat into a fence now?

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Well, this is something I just wrote, it's lighthearted, it's short and I hope you enjoy :)







Will was dancing. Jonny was dancing. Chris was dancing.


Actually, they were making fools of themselves, Guy thought to himself. Guy was dancing too, but unlike the other three he could deal with some liquor in his veins or else he wouldn’t be able to keep his reputation. The other three were proving now that they had no problems with such things as reputation or even shyness. Their only problem was the fact that the six bartenders all looked the same as they tried to place an order in between songs.


Halfway through a song, an attractive woman about his age started dancing with him. They were in a packed club, full of already drunk women. It was the perfect scenario for Guy. He could easily seduce a woman, but one that was drunk? Piece of cake.


“Are you with someone?” the woman slurred, yelling in his ear over the loud music.


Guy looked to his left to see Will dancing around a pole, cheered on by Jonny and Chris who were getting ready to go there as well. Chris clumsily took off his shirt and joined the drummer. Jonny, not wanting to feel left out, ripped his shirt open, buttons flying, reminding Guy of Superman. Once he got near the other two, he started dancing around them, even more enthusiastically than before.


“No, I’m on my own.” He answered the brunette, getting closer to her, their bodies pressed together, moving in sync.


He realized he was way more inebriated than he thought as bounced his hips to the sound of music.


“Not anymore, you sexy thing!” She said, kissing him and grabbing his hair with both hands. Her fingers roamed his hair, tightly holding his head with both hands. Then, she moved them downwards, only stopping on his booty. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had a perfectly round, tight one, hidden in the loose jeans he was wearing.



They kept dancing and drinking for a couple hours. Then, she took his beer-free hand and dragged him out of the sweaty club.


“That’s our song playing!!” Guy yelled, excitedly, as he passed the other three band members on his way out.


“Oh yeeeah! I knew I heard that song before!”Will screamed, happily jumping up and down, throwing his arms around Chris and Jonny, then proceed to high-five his friends.



Next thing Guy knew, he was naked in an apartment he had never seen before, holding a camera and following the brunette as she made her way to a room, which, he guessed, was her bedroom, recording her every move.


“Put that camera on that chair and come here.”


Guy did as he was told, hopping on the bed and landing on the fluffy comforter, right next to the mysterious woman.


“You know what? I have one thing I need to tell you.” Guy said, his words slow and abnormally high-pitched.


“What is it?”


“I am a virgin.”


“What?!” the woman quickly covered herself with a sheet. “You’re kidding, right? Virgin?!”


“I know this is a shock but it’s just I have been saying this to every single girl and they do what you just did, so I’m on my way.” He said, getting his jeans and shirt from the floor.


“Wait! I’m shocked but good shocked. Come here!”


She grabbed him by the waist and led him to the bed, effectively turning Guy-boy into Guy-man.


“So, this was sex? Man, no wonder Chris and Jonny are always locked on that bedroom we have on the Bakery.”



A week later


“Guys, we’ve got mail!” Chris said, skipping as he entered the studio.


“That’s so Meg Ryan of you.” Will said. “What is it?”


“It says Pornplay Limited Edition!!” Chris and Will looked at each other, their eyes wide, and called Guy and Jonny who were in the other room.


Will opened the package and saw a disk. He put it in their studio computer and all four them sat, scared of what they were about to see.


“I swear to God, if that’s a recording of us, you’re not getting anything from me tonight.” Chris whispered to Jonny.


“What? I didn’t do anything.” He whispered back. “You’re the flamboyant narcissist that likes to tape our… encounters.”


"Well, you're the one that came up with the idea."


"You said you wanted something to make you relate to Paris Hilton."


A video started, a woman filling the screen, and Guy just put his hands over his mouth. “Oh my God!” he whispered.


He tried to stop the video but Will just pushed him back on his chair, finally seeing Guy on the screen.


“It’s enough! Stop this, please.” Guy said, afraid of what was about to come up.


“I wanna see it.” Will said, laughingly. “Deal with it.”


The four men sat there, too shocked to speak. Thirty minutes passed and they still hadn’t moved, staring blankly at the computer screen.


“In my defense, I wanted to wait for the right girl.” Guy said, awkwardly.


“Yes, of course, the porn director kind of girl.” Will retorted.


“In my defense, we don’t use the studio bedroom for that kind of… activity.” Jonny said, defensively.


“Of course not, the only bedroom we do that in is Will’s.” Chris said with a shrug.





Sorry if it's rubbish :shrug:




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Chapter 1

The Choice



Guy absolutely hated these kind of events.

Will didn't seem to mind.

Jonny was a little bit ill out of place..

Chris thrived on them.

He was always the life of the party.

Always a witty remark to make everyone laugh and set the guests at ease.

But for Guy,it was sheer torture.

People told him he was handsome and Chris always kidded him about it.

He didn't feel handsome.

He felt like the ugliest puppy in a litter of four.

Some people told him that his accent was attractive.

He thought he sounded like a schoolboy with no breeding.

The only time he really felt comfortable was when he was on stage or when he was taking photographs.

He mostly stood by the wall and tried to smile politely wherever someone caught his eye.

Will walked by, deep in conversation with an Albanian diplomat.

Guy wished he could be as intellectual as Will.

But he had no interest in foreign policy or politics in general.

Jonny walked by with a soccer star.

He was the goalie on a popular team.

Guy had only a very passing interest in sports.

It mostly seemed like an excuse for grown men to beat up one another for profit.

Chris walked by followed by his usual entourage of admirers.

He managed to keep them entertained and whisper, "Mingle," to Guy at the same time.

Guy didn't want to mingle.

He wanted a cigarette.


He slipped out the French doors to the balcony of the hotel ballroom.

Guy looked up at the stars and shivered a little in the cool night air.

He lit the long-desired cigarette and closed his eyes as he felt the nicotine surge through his body and calm his nerves.

"That's not very healthy for someone who runs the marathon," a voice behind him said.

Guy turned around slowly.

"It is my only vice," he said smiling.

"Really? Your only vice? How disappointing."

"Well, maybe not. I do like a bit of beer now and then," Guy said.

"Perhaps we could work on introducing you to some other vices," the voice said.

"Do I know you?" Guy asked, struggling to see the figure standing in the dark.

"We met once....at another party. I work for the magazine that is sponsoring this party."

"I'm sorry I don't remember your name," Guy said.

"It's James," the voice said.

"Well, it is nice to meet you, James," Guy said.

"What are you doing out here?" James asked, stepping out of the shadows and walking toward Guy.

"It's too nerve-wracking in there," Guy said, smiling slightly.

"Would you like to go somewhere else?" James asked.

Guy looked at James closely and felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

"Sure," he said, "Why not?"

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Chapter 2


The Choice


It was a tiny bar on one of the rattiest streets in all London.

There was sawdust all over the floor.

There were large, sweaty men playing pool and cursing loudly.

A few prostitutes wandered in and out.

The beer was flat and over-priced.

Guy felt much better there that at the hotel party.

"I come here alot," James told him.

"To get good stories," Guy asked.

"No, just because it feels comfortable here," he said.

"Ah," Guy said, with an understanding tone.

"You know, I've always wanted to have the chance to talk to you," James said, "You always seem so mysterious

and deep in thought. I would really like to know what is going on behind those eyes of yours."

"Not much, I am afraid," Guy said.

"I don't believe that for a moment," James told him.

"Tell me about your job," Guy said.

James looked at him for a long moment.

"Just in case you are wondering, I am trying to flirt with you," he said.

Guy blushed and swallowed hard.

"I think you are very attractive," Guy said, "But......."

"But what?" James asked.

"But I....." Guy didn't know what to say.

"You what?" James asked.

"Well, that isn't my sort of thing," Guy said, trying not to sound offensive.

"What sort of thing? It's just two people who find each other attractive and want to spend time together. I am not asking you to join a cult or something."

"I didn't mean to offend you," Guy said, "It's just that I never really considered the possibility before."

"Do you think I am attractive?" James asked.

Guy had to admit that he did think James was a gorgeous man.

"Yes," Guy said.

"I think you are incredible," James said, "And I really would like to know what is going on behind those beautiful eyes of yours."

"I am flattered by all the attention," Guy told him.

"Look, all I am asking you to do is consider the possibility," James said, "I think you and I could have something very good."

Guy sat perfectly still for a few minutes, staring into his beer.

When he looked up, James was looking at him and he noticed that his eyes were a particularly nice shade of deep blue.

In reality, Guy knew that he had already been considering the possibility.

"I will think about it," Guy said.

James smiled.

"Let me give you my number," he said.



Chapter 3


The Choice




Guy kept looking at the business card all day.

He reached for his phone more than once.

But he didn't call.

He just kept flipping the card back and forth between his fingers.

"Where did you disappear to last night?" Will asked.

"Why?" Guy asked defensively.

"I just wondered," Will said, "Sorry."

"No, man, I'm sorry," he told Will, "I am just a little jittery today."

"Everything all right?" Will asked.

"Yeah," Guy said, "You know how I get around those party types."

"I can understand that," Will said.

"No, you can't," Guy told him.

Will looked up at Guy.

He was surprised by the sadness in Guy's voice.

"You really can't understand how awful those things are for me," he said, "You and Jonny and Chris have no trouble chatting with strangers."

"I'm sorry," Will said, "I didn't mean anything by it."

Guy looked at him for a second.

"Forget it," he said, quietly, "It doesn't matter anyway."


"I am really glad that you called," James said.

"I don't know what I am doing here," Guy said.

"Relax," James told him, "We are two friends meeting for a drink. Why do you put so much pressure on yourself?"

"Maybe because I don't exactly think of you as a friend," Guy said.

"Really?" James asked, with an excited little smile.

"Really," Guy said, looking directly at James with an intensity that made James' stomach ache.

"Well," he said, "That is very good news indeed."

"So, what's next?" Guy asked.

"I suppose we go on a date," James said.

"A date?" Guy asked.

"Yes, isn't that what you would do if you met a girl you liked, ask her out?"

"Yeah, yeah," Guy said, "I would spend alot of time trying to figure out a good way to ask her out and hope she said yes."

"So?' James said.

Guy blushed and laughed.

"Would you like to go out with me sometime?" he asked.

"I thought you would never ask," James said, smiling, "I would love to."



Chapter 4


The Choice



Guy was nervous.

He didn't know what to wear.

He didn't know what not to wear.

He had clothes thrown all over his bedroom.

"Why did I ever agree to this?" he asked himself.

He paced back and forth.

"Just act like this is a regular date," he kept repeating to himself.

But James wasn't regular.

Guy already felt that he was special.

He could see it in the sincere way he spoke.

He could feel it in the way his palms were sweaty when James was around.

Plus, he thought James had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

Guy knew he wasn't gay.

He had never looked at other guys before.

He had never even considered it before just as he had told James.

He had no idea why he was attracted to James, he just was.

It seemed so plain and simple.

It was so damn far from either plain or simple.

"Shit," Guy said to himself, "I don't know anything about how to kiss another guy."

"Could it be just like it was to kiss a girl?"

"Stop!" he yelled at himself, "You are getting way too far ahead of yourself."

Guy looked back at the clothes thrown all over the place.

"Maybe I should just cancel," he said, aloud.


There was a knock on the door.

Guy went to answer it in his old ragged jeans and a t-shirt.

It was James.

"Oh my God," he said, opening the door and quickly shutting it again.

James laughed.

"I'm not ready yet," Guy told him.

"Will you let me in, please?" James asked.

Guy opened the door.

"I'm early," James explained, "I'm sorry. I just got tired of waiting."

"I was just trying to decide what to wear," Guy said, "Oh no...that sounded so lame," he added.

"Hey," James grabbed his arm, "Calm down," he said.

Guy looked at James.

"I really want to kiss you," he said, "Right now, but I don't know how."

James looked confused.

"Just like this," he said, softly as he leaned over and brushed his lips against Guy's mouth.

Instinct kicked in and Guy's arms automatically went around James' neck.

They stood there locked in a kiss for several moments.

"Wow...." Guy said.

"What?" James asked.

"Just wow...."Guy said, smiling.


The End

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So I can do this...?


Finding My Sunshine (part 1)






Chris's POV


"Are you sure Chris," Guy asked impatiently, "Your friend seems to be a little bit late." He looked all around the restaraunt, looking for her.


"Don't worry Guy. She'll be here any minute. You shouldn't be so impatient," I told him assuringly. " You'll be happy that you came once you see her."


"Do you promise?" Guy asked sweetly looking up at me with large brown puppy-dog eyes like a little girl. All four of us then started to crack up, including Guy. He always has done a good little girl immitation.


I smiled at him. "I may not have seen her in four or five years," I told him, "but I will gurantee you that she is quiet a pleasure."


"How long have you guys been best friends?" Will asked.


"Since college," Said I. "The second day of college, just to be exact. I've been IMing and calling her eversince to keep good contact so our relationship stays tight."


I waited patiently for another minute or too until I saw a woman enter the restaraunt. She had curly, deep black hair, thin hips, and beautiful white skin. Beauty beyond imaginable, natural beauty at that. She didn't look 30 at all, she looked as young as the day I meet her.


"Chris!" She said with a simply beautiful white smile. She sat down next to Jonny, but across from me. All of the other guys, especially Guy himself, looked at her like a child would at a candy bar; drooling and mind swept. I could already tell that my promise to Guy was deffinetly kept.


"Carla! I haven't seen you in forever." I don't think I've ever smiled so brightly in my entire life. "I beleive you remember Jonny, Will, and Guy." I told her.


"Of course! I would never forget them." Carla said looking at all of them.


"Especially since everytime she visits Guy drools all over her..." Will said softly meant for Guy and Jonny to hear.


"You do too, Will!" Guy snapped. Jonny giggled softly.


"I know, I'm just saying." Will told Guy.


"What are we talking about?" Carla asked looking at Will and Guy mysteriously.


"Nothing!" All three of them bllurted out. Chris gave out a little gigle and rolled his eyes.


"So how's life in America?" I asked.


"It's great. Pretty hot." Said she. She looked back over at the other guys and sighed softly. I couldn't tell who she was looking at, at the moment but she looked just as pleased as Guy, maybe even more pleased, when she looked at him. For all I know, the next week with Carla would be a very nice one for sure. She's always brought me loads of joy when I needed it.


"Want to get settled into the hotel soon?" I asked carla. I felt tired from all the recent concerts and I bet she did too from her traveling all the ways from America to here in the UK.


"Sure," she replied. "I'm pretty sore, I'm guessing that you are too."


"Deffinetly," I replied.





Finding my Sunshine (Part 2)





Guy's POV


I've loved so many girls, but already I could tell this one had a much different attitude than any other one. Carla tried to keep everything positive and make sure everyone else was happy before herself, even if she was the guest. I approached her, struggling with one of her bags.


"Want me to help you?" I asked her with white smile.


"If you don't mind," she replied. I swooped one of the luggage bags from her hands into mine. She smiled thankfully as we entered the hotel. She layed her bags on the bed and dug into one, and then a pulled out a photograph in an old wooden frame. It was a pictue of her, Chris and Jonny at an amusment park.


"So I guess your pretty tight with Jonny too?" I asked her and looked back at the picture.


She picked up the picture, "This?" She faced it torwards me and then put it back town. "It's from many, many years ago, when we were in college, infact." She sighed. "We were real tight back then."


"Did something happen?" I asked her mysteriously.


"Between me and Jonny, of course not! Me, him and Chris were the best of friends." She seemed overjoyed to say it. Then her bright smile went to a frown. "It's just that a friendship can change over so many years. I saw Chris only five years ago, but this picture represents the last time I got to see Jonny, and this picture is now treasure to me."


"Did something change?" I asked. I felt like I was quizzing her so I used an even lighter tone.


"N-no," she sighed. "It's just been a while."


"I'm going to unpack my stuff," I told her. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"


"Of course."







And here's the newest one (the other 2 were posted in the old thread):





Finding my Sunshine (Part 3)





(Part 3)


Guy's POV


The next morning I got up late. I quickly got dressed into a plaid shirt and jeans and headed out of my hotel room. However, I didn't rush down the hallway, I took it slowly and calmly. Sometimes I get a little freaked out at times like this.


" Good Morning." Jonny said sweetly as he passed by.


" Morning Jonny," I told him. "Hey, have you seen Carla?" I asked desperately. I knew she would be in her room but I asked, just to reasure myself.


"Yeah, she's in her room." He paused. "She woke up a couple minutes ago, just so you know."


"Alright, thanks." I said and left.


I headed towards Carla's hotel room and knocked on the door. "Hey," I called. "It's just... me."


"You can come in!" Her sweet voice said. She was sitting on her bed tying her white sneakers. "Oh, hi Guy! I Love your shirt."


"Really? I just threw it on and left." I told her.


"So do you need something?" She asked looking up at me.


I approached her closely. "I was wondering," I paused nervously, "if you wanted to get dinner together." She looked down and finished tying her shoe slowly and then looked back up at me. "As a date?"


"Beleive me Guy, I would be overjoyed to do that with you." She placed her hand on my cheek. Our faces were insanely close, practically touching.. "I really would, it's that I just got taken." I didn't know what to say. I never felt so emberassed in my entire life. "But don't worry Guy," She softly kissed me on the cheek. "Please,"


"But wait," I said. "Who are you going-out with?"


"I was told not tell... yet, anyhow." She sighed. "I'm sure he'll eventually tell you. I don't think he'd be comftorble keeping something like this away from you."


"So I obviously know him." I stated. She said she just got taken, meaning that someone must been here just a while ago.


"Of course you do!" She then turned her back on me as if she didn't want to see anymore. "I'm sorry Guy, I can't tell you nothing else, I've probally said too much already."


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot. Do you want to get lunch together? Maybe with Will?" I asked. "I'll go ask him."


She smiled and giggled lightly "Oh ok," she paused. "but I will go ask Will if he wants to come."




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i'm just gonna post this here, there's only gonna be one more part after this i think.


My Star is Fading

Part 9



“Thank you for staying with me,” Chris said, smiling at me.




“Do you want me to tell you a story?”




“The first time... it happened...”


“Oh, Chris, you don't have to talk about that.”


“No, I want to. I want you to know what happened, and I want to tell you.” He looked down at the bed he was lying on and sighed. “The first time it happened, it was a few weeks after she and I moved in together. She wasn't herself anymore. She'd started using. So, one day she came home and I asked her about it. She got angry with me, and she... but I was only worried about her, Jonny. I just wanted to know what was going on.”


“I believe you.”


“She just got so angry, and... I thought it would be a one-time thing. I hoped it would be. But then, a few days later, it happened again, then a few days after that, and a few days after that... then eventually it was everyday. Sometimes... sometimes it was more than once a day.”


“Oh, Chris...”


“I thought it was 'cause I was weak or something. Weak and stupid. And I deserved what she did.” His eyes were filled with tears at this point. “But I know it wasn't true, Jonny, I know that I wasn't weak and it wasn't my fault. It's just... when she started, she'd always trap me somehow. She'd pin me up against the wall or back me into a corner. I just became so afraid of her. I could barely even be in the same room without... p-panicking.”


“I'm so sorry. Things like that, they shouldn't happen- well, they shouldn't happen at all, but especially not to people like you. You're too... lovely.”


“I'm nothing compared to you. You saved me, Jonny. I don't think I could ever repay you.”


“You've already done that Chris. I couldn't ask for more than just being with you. I love you so much.”


“I love you, too.” He smiled and wiped away some of the tears that were streaming down his cheek. “Oh, look at us, two grown men crying like a couple of schoolgirls.”


“Ah, you're the only one who's crying.”


“Well... yeah.”


“But if it makes you feel better, I'm crying on the inside.”


“You know,” he laughed. “That does make me feel better. Thanks.”


“You're very welcome, Christopher.” I lifted my hand and brushed my fingers through his hair.


“Since when do you call me Christopher?”


“Since right now, Christopher. Why, don't you like it?” He crinkled his nose.


“The only person I know- well, besides you- who calls me Christopher is my mum.”


“Hm. I can see how that would be a bit awkward for you, then. What if I called you Chrissy?”




“You just aren't happy with anything, are you? I'm guessing you'd like for me to call you Chris,” I said, rolling my eyes.


“That would be nice... but I suppose you can call me Chrissy if you really want. But I get to call you Jonny J-man whenever I want!”


“Chrissy and Jonny J-man... I like it.”


“We're so weird.,” Chris laughed.


“Yeah, but it's a good kind of weird, isn't it? As long as we're happy, right? That's all that matters.”


“Oh, yes, very happy. It's the most important thing in the world.” He smiled and added, “Next to you.”



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Finding my Sunshine (Part 4)






(Part 4)


Will's PoV


The morning was calmer than usual, I always had something to do. I guess it was just one of those days. I slid on my glasses and read the newspaper. About 10 minutes later,I heard a soft knock on my hotel room door. "Who is it?" I called.


"It's Carla." A sweet voice called. Such a beautiful voice. I could already see the smile on her face.


I took off my glasses and lay them on my nightstand. I didn't want her to see me in my glasses. "You can come in."


She came in the room slowly and silently. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something but then she paused and looked at my nightstand. "Will, you wear glasses?" She walked over and picked my glasses up.


"Yeah..." I said shyly. I told her although I really didn't want her to know. My excited mood completely turned,


"Hey don't get so down Will," she slid them onto my face. "I don't think you understand what I'm getting to. Here's the first thing; I wear glasses too." Carla didn't sound like she was dissapointed about it, she sounded a little bit proud of it.


My face lit up. "You do?" I asked her.


"Eversince I was 16." She told me. "but I actually needed them eversince I was 14, but I never knew." She paused. "And here's the second thing that you must know, but you have to swear to me you won't ever tell, no matter what happens. Well, inless I die."


"I swear." I vowed.


"Now you see, there are five things that I find attractive in guys and eye glasses are one of those five things. In most cases anyhow. If your twice as old as me, I probally won't find you so attractive." She paused. "but the point is, Will, that those glasses look terribly sexy on you." I never felt any better in my entire life.


"Are you serious?" I asked her. I couldn't help but turn bright red in front of the beautiful woman.


"Of course I am, Will!" She said. "That's what I've always thought about certain guys and your one of them. In fact, your one of the only ones. I'm a little dorky..." she blushed. I didn't know what to say, but then I did.


"Wait, what are the other 4 things?" I asked her.


"You cant tell about any of these either though, ok?" She paused again and she looked back at me a little nervously. " There's glasses, of course, guys that wear hats daily, plaid shirts, green eyes, and blonde hair."


"So you have quiet a diverse taste?" Then I rethought it all; Guy wears plaid shirts, Chris and Jonny have blonde hair. Jonny has green eyes and he wears hats daily. I guess she had a liking for all of us, if you think of it like I do.


"Yeah... I forgot to ask you, do you want to go out for lunch with me and Guy?" carla asked me. I couldn't say no, she just gave me the greatest compliment anyone's ever given me.


"Sure." I replied.


"Alright, I'll see you later then." she swung out the door and she left me.




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My Star is Fading

Part 10



“Oh, shit,” Jonny said. He and Chris were sitting in the kitchen of their apartment. Chris was absentmindedly spreading cream cheese on a bagel, and Jonny was reading the newspaper.


“What is it?” Chris asked, looking over to Jonny.


“Hit and run results in death; Woman sentenced for 4 years.”


“Aw, that sucks,” he said, returning his attention to the bagel.


“Wait, there's more. It says the woman responsible was under the influence of heroin and cocaine as well.”


“Ugh, people these days make me si-”


“31-year-old Rachel Edwards,” Jonny interrupted. Chris once again stopped what he was doing, and turned to Jonny.


“You're joking.”


“No, actually I didn't even know her last name until now.”


“Then how did you know it was her?”


“The age, the drugs... plus the fact that her picture's printed here,” Jonny said, pointing to a picture of a rather sick looking brunette.


“Wow... so, she's going to jail then?”


“Yeah, she's got five years.”


“I hope they get her,” Chris said angrily.


“Hope who gets her?”


“The... hardcore prison people or whatever. I hope they all corner her and take, like, sharpened spoons or something and-”


“Whoa, Chris. That's a tad extreme, don't you think?”


“Denial's first, right? Well, I've done that already, so now it's time for anger. I think that was after it.”


“I don't think it works that way. That's for, like, if you're dying or something.”


“Well, whatever. I'm still angry,” Chris said. He took a slab of cream cheese and proceeded to bitterly spread it on the bagel.


“You have a right to be angry. Look at it this way, though, she can't do anything to you now. Not for another five years, anyway.”


“Yeah, if she makes it out alive.”




um... the end. :)

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Chapter 1






Chris hated the hollow banging sound that the double doors made when they closed behind him.

He had been coming to this place for a few weeks, but he still could not get used to that weird lonely echo of the slamming doors.

He walked down the long hall and stopped in front of the door to Jonny's room.

He took a deep breath and tried to collect himself before he knocked.

"Come in," a voice said.

"Hello Jonny," Chris said.

"Oh hi," Jonny said, looking up briefly and then going back to reading a book.

"How are you?" Chris asked.

"Fine, I guess," Jonny said.

Chris just stood there awkwardly for a few seconds.

Then he remembered the bag in his hand.

"Here, I brought this for you," he said, handing the bag to Jonny.

Jonny looked at him strangely.

He took the bag and looked inside.

Then he looked back at Chris.

"What is this for?' he asked.

"It's a few of your favorite things," Chris told him.

"It is?" Jonny asked.

"Yeah," Chris said, "You love that kind of fruit and that candy."

"I do?" Jonny said.

"I'm sorry," Chris told him, taking the bag away, "I shouldn't have brought it. I didn't mean to...."

"It's okay," Jonny said,"Maybe I still like these things. Who knows?"

Chris looked around the room.

The acoustic guitar he had brought Jonny was standing in a corner.

"Did you try the guitar?" he asked.

Jonny looked across the room at the instrument.

"Yeah," he said.

"Nothing?" Chris asked.

"No," Jonny said, quietly,"I'm sorry."

"It's fine," Chris said, "The doctor did say not to expect much so soon."

Jonny looked back at Chris.

"You don't have to keep coming to see me," he said, "It can't be easy for you."

"It isn't," Chris said, looking down so that Jonny would not see how sad his eyes were.

"Then don't come back," Jonny said, "I can't give you what you want."

"I can't leave you, Jonny," he said.

"But I don't even remember you," Jonny said.

"I know," Chris said, quietly, "But I remember you and I won't leave you."

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THE SEQUEL TO Secret's, Lies & Love:

It take's place a year after the events of the the first one and features MR WILLIAM CHAMPION! :D



Secret's, Lies & Lust I



"Chris! For God's sake! You can't move to the US!" Will demanded. Chris hung up. Chris had changed, after Jonny's death and his divorce. Gwyneth had moved on and Chris hadn't.


"Hey Guy, it's great that you have agreed to look after Apple for the weekend! She's still always asking for you! I just find it amazing that Moses talked before her and he's two years younger, you don't think that Apple is stupid, do you?" Gwyneth asked. Guy scratched his head.

"I'll take that as a no then" Gwyneth replied, laughing.

"How's your new boyfriend then, Gwyn?" asked Guy, waving to Apple.

"Who? Marcus? He's great thanks! So much better than Chris! Umm...have you heard from him recently?" Gwyneth asked, trying to cover up that she still had feelings for her ex-husband.

"Last I heard was that he wanted to move to the US!" Guy said, biting his lip.

"Oh...so what's happening with the band, then?" Gwyneth wondered.

"Coldplay's dead, his own words! We can't do it without Chris...or Jonny." replied Guy, pausing before he uttered the name Jonny.

"He was a great guy, I hated him for what he did for my marriage, but admired the guy at the same time!" Gwyneth said, holding back tears.

"Did you...I mean, what happened between Chris and Jonny?" Guy asked, brushing his fingers through his hair.

"I guess that they had sex! Moses said he saw them naked! I shouldn't laugh, it ruined my marriage but, it's just so surreal, he'd known him for so many years and then he started a sexual relationship with the guy!" Gwyneth said, shaking her head "Anyway, I don't want to talk about what happened before, I want to move on and, I've got some news for you Guy, I think that Marcus is going to propose!"

"Propose? That's great! How do you know?" asked Guy, perking up.

"He's invited me to dinner tommorow night at a really posh restaurant!" Gwyneth said, getting excited.

"Oooh, fancy!" said Guy "Anyway, I better get off, I've booked a table for me and Apple at Pizza Hut!"

"Pizza Hut? Ooh! Have a good time, you two!" Gwyneth smiled. Guy held Apple's hand as she got hold of her coat.

"Bye Mummy!" Apple said, walking away with Guy.



Secret's, Lies & Lust II




"Coming! I'm Coming!" Gwyneth shouted, running down the stairs to open the door. "Marcus! It's great to see you!" Gwyneth said as Marcus walked in. Marcus was a tall man, with shaggy, brown hair.

"Are you ready then?" Marcus asked, grinning, showing his dazzilingly white teeth.

"Yep! Where are you taking me?" asked Gwyneth, holding onto her boyfriend's arm.

"You'll see!" replied Marcus.

Will emerged from upstairs with Moses. "Have a good time!" Will said, not taking his eyes away from Gwyneth and her beautiful dress.

"I'm sure we will, thanks again for baby-sitting Moses!" Gwyneth said as she walked out the door.


"So...I was thinking, why don't I bring Apple over to Gwyneth's and they can play and we can jam!" asked Guy, talking to Will over the phone. "Yes? That's great, we'll be there in about ten minutes!" Guy said, putting the phone down. "Come on Apple" said Guy, scooping the little girl from the floor.


"What an amazing restaurant!" said Gwyneth, looking around as the waiter poured her a glass of wine.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" replied Marcus, sipping his glass of wine. "Now, Gwyneth, before we eat, there's something I want to ask you!"

Gwyneth began to shake, before stopping herself and asking, "Yes! Yes! What is it?"

"Umm...will you..." said Marcus before being interrupted by Gwyneth saying, "Yes?".

"Will you mind paying half for this meal?

Gwyneth sat still, just staring at the man in front of her, stood up and threw her glass of wine over him and ran out of the restaurant.


Guy rang the doorbell, Will let him and Apple in. "It's great to see you man, I havn't seen you in weeks!" said Will, hugging his friend.

"It's great to see you too!" said Guy, grinning. "Being the only two remaining members of Coldplay, I thought it would be a good idea if we jammed together, you know, for old times sake!"

Will grinned as he jumped on the drums.


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Secret's, Lies & Lust III




The front doors banged as Gwyneth entered her home. "Guy! What are you doing here? You don't know how happy I am to see you!" she said, staring at Guy as he played his bass guitar.

"It's nice to see you too, Gwyn!" replied Guy, smiling. Gwyneth turned towards Will who was putting his drumsticks down.

"Will, here's £30, thanks for looking after Moses!" Gwyneth said, hurrying Will outside before he could even say goodbye.

"Gwyneth, are you alright?" Guy asked.

"Are the kids in bed?" Gwyneth said, quickly.

"Yeah, there fast asleep!" Guy replied, inquisitevely. Gwyneth fell into Guy's arms. "Gwyneth, what's the matter?"

"It's Marcus, he didn't propose, I just found out that he is a jerk and I want you!" Gwyneth said, staring into Guy's eyes.

"Me?" Guy replied. Gwyneth moved into kiss Guy.

"Upstairs!" Gwyneth demanded.


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Chapter 2





Chris found a seat in the train car and sank into its friendly confines.

He closed his eyes and leaned back.

He was so tired and it seemed as if had not slept in three days.

In reality it had probably been longer than that.

Visiting Jonny was always so draining, emotionally and physically.

So much so that Guy and Will had stopped going completely.

He didn't blame them for that.

Yet, at the same time he thought they were so wrong.

He thought they owed Jonny more than that.

What happened wasn't his fault.

He didn't chose to lose his memory, in Chris' opinion.

Although some doctors disagreed with him on that point.

Some thought Jonny had a cognitive break brought on by some kind of stress.

Some thought Jonny was not remembering on purpose because of some traumatic event.

None of the doctors knew what caused the stress or the trauma.

But Chris thought he knew.

He thought that it was all his fault.

He was the one to blame for Jonny being in this condition.

Regardless, Jonny would probably never get better unless he faced whatever hurt him.

And Jonny wasn't facing anything right now.

He mostly just sat in his room and read.

He read all night and all through the day.

He didn't sleep and he rarely ate.

He just read.

The doctors believed that he did so to keep his mind occupied so that he wouldn't think.

The first weeks Jonny was in the hospital the doctors tried therapy.

But Jonny refused to participate.

He just sat in his chair rocking back and forth and staring straight ahead.

Since the doctors had discontinued therapy, Jonny was a little better.

At least he was able to have somewhat of a conversation now, even if he didn't remember the people he was talking to.

The train jolted to a stop and Chris stood up to get off.

When he stood up a piece of paper fell out of his jacket pocket.

Chris picked it up.

It was a movie ticket stub from the last movie that he and Jonny had gone to see before....before it all happened.

Chris sat back down in the seat.

"Oh Jonny," he said, softly, and then he started to cry.

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Secret's, Lies & Lust IV



"What? You've only been in the US for two days and you already want to come back? Okay! Okay! You can stay with me when you get back!" said Will, shouting down the phone to Chris. Chris hung up.


Guy walked down the stairs to the sight of Gwyneth making breakfast, Apple and Moses were already sat down at the table. "Hey Gwyneth! You alright?" Guy asked, smiling.

"I've never been better!" She replied, putting the plates on the table. Guy sat down next to Gwyneth.

"Hey Guy!" said Apple, grinning.

"Hey Apple!" replied Apple, grinning back.

"There's something I want to ask you Guy. Will you adopt Apple?" asked Gwyneth. "You know, be like a proper father!"

"That's really kind of you, Gwyneth, I'm flattered but what would Chris say?" Guy asked.

"Who care's about Chris? He's living in the US now! He can't touch us!" Gwyneth said.

"So...are we a couple now?" Guy asked.

"I guess so...only if you want to!" Gwyneth said, raising a smile.

"Of course!" Guy replied, reaching to hold her hand.


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Chapter 3





"Hi sweetheart," she said, when Chris walked into his apartment.

"How's Jonny?" She asked, "Any improvement?"

She tried to hug Chris but he just walked away.

"The same," he answered her.

"Well at least he isn't worse, right?" She said, trying to appear cheerful.

"Yeah,I guess," Chris said.

"Ah Will called about that photo shoot you are supposed to do," she told him.

"Okay," he said, absentmindedly. "I'll call him back."

"I missed you," she said.

He looked across the room at her.

"You are sweet," he said, "I think I will try to sleep."

He started walking toward the bedroom.



"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Anything at all?" She asked him,with sincerity in her voice.

He smiled a brief little bitter smile.

"No," he told her, "I just need to be alone."

"Okay," she said as she nodded her understanding.


Will pulled out the chair and sat down across the table from her.

"Thanks for meeting me," she said.

"Sure, what's up?" he asked.

She looked down at her cup of coffee.

"It's Chris," she said, "He's in a bad way."

Will looked out the window.

"I know," he said, "He has been every since Jonny went around the bend."

"I am afraid it will happen to him too," she said, "I need to know how to help him."

Will shook his head.

"I don't think you can," he told her.

"But I can't stand to see him like this," she said.

"I know," Will said, softly, as he played with a salt shaker, "It is hard for Guy and me too."

"If I could just take his mind off it for a little while.." She said.

Will laughed a hard laugh.

"He doesn't want to get his mind off it," Will said, "He's punishing himself that way."

"But why?" She asked.

"Because he blames himself for Jonny's illness," he told her.

"But shouldn't he blame me too?" she asked.

"Chris doesn't work that way," Will said, "Chris blames Chris for everything."

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Chapter 4





"Hello, Jonny," the doctor said.

Jonny looked up briefly from his book and stopped eating an apple.

"Do I know you?" Jonny asked, suspiciously.

"I don't think we have met yet," the doctor said, "My name is Dr. Jonas."

"Oh, another doctor," Jonny mumbled and went back to eating his apple and reading his book.

"Do you like apples?" the doctor asked.

"I don't know," Jonny said, shrugging his shoulders, "Maybe."

"Well you are eating that one."

"Yeah, somebody who was my friend brought it to me, so I must like it," he explained.

"What was your friend's name?"

Jonny twisted his lips around as if he was thinking.

"I'm not sure," he said, "He comes here alot."

"But you don't remember him?" the doctor asked.

"No," Jonny said, in an unconcerned manner.

"Doesn't it bother you that you can't remember?"

"No," Jonny said, "I like it that way."

"You will have to remember at some point," the doctor told him.

"Why?" Jonny asked, looking scared.

"You can't stay here forever."

"Why? I like it here."

"But you have to go back out into the world and take your life back."

"My life is over," Jonny said.

The doctor frowned.

"Why would you say that?" he asked.

"I don't know," Jonny said, gazing blankly at the wall.

"You are young. You have lots of years left."

"No," Jonny said, decisively, "I don't want lots of years left."

"But your other friends are depending on you to get better."

"I don't care," Jonny said, looking at the doctor in a fierce way.

"Don't you think that is a bit selfish of you?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," Jonny said, "It is. And I am through talking about it with you."

"Okay," the doctor said, "We will talk later."

"No," Jonny told him, "I said I am finished talking about it and I am."

"If that's what you want," the doctor said.

"That's how it has to be," Jonny told him and went back to his book.

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Hello there:) This is a very, very short story that I just wanted to show you. It's also supposed to be lighthearted and I hope you enjoy :D


Anyway, here it is:


Where the stories have no name






The other three band members didn’t know but Will Champion liked to write fanfics.


He would write and read for hours when he felt utterly bored out of his mind, although he told Chris, Jonny and Guy that he was just playing solitaire spider on the computer. He knew they thought he was too addicted to that game but they had no idea what his addiction was.


He had begun this hobby ever since he discovered a forum from a website that supported their band… It could be considered narcissist to be a part of a place where people declared their love (and sometimes dislike) for them but he just couldn’t resist it. It was a good place to know what people thought of their music and…well, them, specifically.


At first he was horrified, scared and worried but soon he realized that was their way of expressing their admiration and love for them. He didn’t mind the pervy comments. In fact, he loved them. Sometimes, he would even make those comments himself. It was a great way of confessing his love for their bandmates as well.


But his fictional stories were something he loved to create. He could write about Guy being a man-whore, Jonny being in love with Chris and Chris being… well, Chris. He was like a real-life fictional character without even trying.


He knew there weren’t many stories focusing on him and he was glad for that. This was the place where he relaxed and he didn’t think it would be that soothing reading about how aggressive he could be, even though writers meant it to be funny and entertaining. That was the impression most people had of him and he liked it to stay that way, but he knew his fellow writers only used that for creative purposes. He loved their imagination.


Right now, Will Champion was writing about Jonny, Guy and Chris in a threesome scenario, while on the road. He loved making this stuff up.


But you know what Oscar Wilde said: Life imitates Art.






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Chapter 5





"Name?" The nurse asked.

"Meg," she answered, "Meg Webster."

"Here," the nurse said, handing her a plastic name tag with the word VISITOR on it.

"Wear this at all times. Leave your purse and your shoes here."

Meg slipped out of her shoes and put them on the desk with her purse.

"You better leave that big ring too," the nurse said.

Meg looked down at her left hand.

"But it's my engagement ring," she said.

"Do you want to visit your friend or not?" the nurse asked.

Meg looked at the ring and then slipped it off and put it inside her purse.

"You get ten minutes," the nurse told her.

"That's all?" she asked.

"Until we see how he reacts to you. If all goes well, you will get more next time."

"Oh okay," she said.

"Follow me," the nurse instructed.

Meg followed her down a long hall.

"I will be waiting out here," the nurse said.

Meg looked at Jonny's name on the door.

How did this all happen? she asked herself.

Will he recognize me?

What if he doesn't?

God, what if he does?

"Time is wasting," the nurse said.

Meg took a deep breath and opened the door.

Jonny was sitting on his bed, as usual, reading,as usual.


He didn't look up.

"Jonny?' she asked again.

He looked up very slowly.

"Do you know who I am?" she asked.

Jonny's jaw worked and his nostrils flared.

"Yes," he said, "You are that girl.....that girl...."

Jonny stood up and walked over to her.

"Get out of here," he said, hatefully, pushing her hard.

"Get out now!!!!!!" he screamed.

He screamed and screamed.

The nurse hurried into the room and pushed buttons calling for help.

Jonny was flailing his arms and she was trying to restrain him.

Several more nurses hurried into the room.

One was carrying a syringe to sedate Jonny.

Meg was just standing in silence watching the horrible sight.

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Chapter 6





Meg was still shaking when she made her way back to the apartment she shared with Chris.

She was hoping he would not be there, but he was.

He was sitting at the piano just picking out notes.

He looked up when she came in.

"How could you?" he asked quietly.

"What?" she asked.

"How could you go see Jonny?"

"How did you know?" she asked.

"I am listed as next of kin. They call me wherever something changes in his condition."

"Oh," she said.

"How is he now?" Meg asked.

Chris looked back at the piano and picked out a few more notes.

"He's completely sedated and they have him restrained," he said, in a whisper.

"Oh no," Meg said, "I never meant for anything like that to happen."

"What did you mean to do?" Chris asked.

"I just thought I could help you by going to see him."

He looked at her for several long minutes.

She was scared by the look on his face.

"I want you to leave," he said, slowly.

"Okay," she said, backing away.

"I don't want you to come back," he added, quietly.

"What? But....I know you are upset now....but..."

"No," Chris said, "I should have done this a long time ago. You and I....we hurt Jonny...I don't want to see you ever again."

"I love you," she said, "Doesn't that matter?"

Chris played a few more notes.

"No," he said, "It doesn't. Because I don't love you."

"You'll feel better tomorrow," she said, "We can talk then."

"Perhaps I will feel better," Chris told her, "But that won't change things."

"But we are getting married in two months," Meg said.

"No," Chris said, "I'm not going to marry you or anyone else."

"What's changed? Just because I went to see Jonny?" she asked.

"Nothing has changed," he told her, "I thought I loved you. I didn't."

"Okay," she said, trying to calm down, "Okay.....so you never loved me even though we were planning a life together. Even though we live together?"

"That's right," Chris said, "I'm sorry for misleading you."

"Misleading me?" she said, "Is that what you call it? You were my whole future. My whole world."

"You aren't mine," he said, quietly, "Mine is Jonny."

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