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This is brilliant.


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what has the f*cking singer to do with that dance, mark?! come on. it's a wedding of someone who isn't connected to chris brown in any way! i posted that vid here because i loved the idea of that dance - and not because i wanted to discuss again what chris brown did. that's just lame. if chris martin behaves badly tomorrow, would it make you stop listening to coldplay?! you have to differ between music and the personal life of someone.


it's about the dance. please.

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why are you people trying to ruin every thread that is started in the lounge?! :dozey: can't you just stick to one thread and abuse each other there? it would be highly appreciated.


Just what I wanted to say.


Made me laugh. Saw it yesterday when my friend post it on facebook.

Great idea! :D

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this is bloody brilliant, indeed!


Someone had a good idea there and I think all of the participants of that wedding will have this dance in a good memory :nice:


I think the next thing we're gonna see is a wedding-ceremonial with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" ;)

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