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Coldplay Brand of Clothing


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I was wondering, what brands of clothes do you think coldplay wear. and i mean the type during AROBTTH or parachutes. i already know during x & y from dresslikechrismartin.com. what do you think. im trying to be a coldplay-ish as possible. ;)



be yourself.


take some inspiration, sure. but copying is pretty lame..

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Same here !

And to be honest, I prefer them to wear random clothes, not expensive brands like that :nice:


this. i prefer them to just be modest. although it's not like it is obvious they wear they types of clothes. it's not like they have a big sign that says HEY LOOK AT ME I WEAR EXPENSIVE CLOTHES.


@darcy i expect that from guy. my guy :sneaky:


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Who, me? :blush:



Yes, you! You lucky dog, you have Will and Chris look-alikes in your school!


Last year, I saw Guy, Will, and Chris look-a-likes--if they let themselves go on chocolate cake. Ewwww too much chocolate cake turns into flab...


And getting back on topic, yeah, I never knew that Coldplay wore designer brands...they seem more like the guys who'd just wear white t-shirts and black jeans. That's what I liked about them--they didn't care what kind of clothes they wore.

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