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LatAm alarm over US-Colombia plan

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Obama where the fuck is change? I'm wondering if were like Russia, and Bush is still calling the shots and Obama is just another puppet? lol


South American leaders at a regional summit have expressed fresh concerns over Colombian plans to grant American troops access to its military bases.


But at the gathering in Ecuador, they rejected a proposal to formally condemn the proposals, which would allow US access up to seven Colombian bases.


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned that "the winds of war were beginning to blow" across the region.


Colombia says it needs US support to tackle drug lords and left-wing rebels.


The US wants to relocate its base for anti-drug operations in Latin America to Colombia, after Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa refused to extend an agreement allowing US access to a military base in Ecuador.




The Brazilian president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva - whose government had previously described the plans as a matter for Colombia - called for a meeting between US President Barack Obama and the region's leaders to discuss their concerns directly.


"As president of Brazil, this climate of unease disturbs me," said Mr Silva, reports AP news agency. "I think we should directly discuss our discontent with the American government."


But during Monday's Union of South American Nations (Unasur) summit in the Ecuadorean capital, Quito, Mr Chavez led criticism of the Colombia-US accord.



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SpykerSpeed (11:21:42 PM): jesus

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