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Coldplay to catch swine flu? Odds of 7/4 says they will


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With or without flu? Paddy Power takes bets on Coldplay & U2 concert cancellations


Irish rockers U2 are the most likely band to next cancel a tour date due to Swine Flu, according to bookies Paddy Power.


The Irish bookmaker began taking bets after it emerged today that Kasabian front man Tom Meighan has been hospitalised in Sydney, forcing the band to cancel their entire Australian tour.


Paddy Power make U2 their 6/4 favourites, closely followed by fellow stadium rockers Coldplay at odds of 7/4 and Britney Spears at 6/1. Less likely, but not completely immune according to Paddy Power, are veteran rockers Fleetwood Mac at 10/1 and Oasis at 20/1.


Paddy Power said; "Obviously being a musician in a band on a world tour puts you at greater risk of infection, so we’re guessing the bigger the tour the bigger the risk, and tours don’t get much bigger that U2’s 360!"


Current odds with Paddy Power:


6/4 U2

7/4 Coldplay

6/1 Britney

8/1 Pink

10/1 Fleetwood Mac

12/1 Pixies

18/1 Simply Red

20/1 Oasis

100/1 Pinky and Perky (!)



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they'll take money for all kinds of bets these days!


For those outside of the UK who don't know who Paddy Power are, these are the adverts currently doing the rounds on British TV. They're funny :lol:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CPIRYTxB44]YouTube - Bruce Grobbelaar Funny Paddy Power Ad[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qsLvBkNvHo]YouTube - Paddy Power TV Ad featuring Carlton Palmer[/ame]

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Coldplay and the swine flu


This just cannot happen. I truly hope they are all being closely watched by physicians while on tour as the swine flu rears its ugly head.



FYI. Stephen Tyler just fell off a stage and cancelled the rest of Aerosmiths tour.


May Coldplay and U2 be "real" and pace themselves! Just go back to the studios and make more music! We must be understanding that they put so much energy into the shows that it can really take its toll on ones immune system.



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Swine Flu is pretty common lately in the states, you might not think it's a big deal, until you get it and know you need hospitalization and the chance of not coming out . 2 deaths in florida in the past 2 weeks:cry: and they say Flu season is around the corner now, and swine flu will be everywhere. I hope nobody contracts this flu.

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Somebody I know had swine flu. He got his whole neighborhood sick.


But, I don't think Coldplay will get swine flue. To me it's just a sickness that got blown up by the media. It's probably the same as if you were to get pnumonia. Except it is passive. You just have to be REALLY careful with it.

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Shit it better not be U2! Im going to see them in October..



Eff YEAH!!!



I've got GA for Dallas and Oklahoma, and a reserve for Houston. All within one week in the middle of October.


That'll just mess me up totally!!!


*knocks on wood*

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