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unforgettable film endings


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The Usual Suspects - superb! :cool:

Recently saw Minority Report and loved that too

Thought I'd seen the Dutch version of The Vanishing, but as I can't recall the ending, think perhaps not... :confused:

*tries to think of some more*

The last few lines of Stand by Me - something along the lines of "I never had any friends later on in life like the ones I had when I was 12 - Jeez, does anyone?" always moves me, as did the ending of Schindler's List (at the grave)

Everyone remembers the ending of Carrie (with the hand and the flowers)

.......I'll be back with others!

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Life of David Gale does have a good ending! :) i've not seen The Others or Minority Report...yeah trust me the original film of the Vanishing is quite something, they remade it in the early 90's in Hollywood with Kiefer Sutherland in it, and completely ruined the ending. I was gonna say what happens, but i'll stop.. :rolleyes: ;)


aah Stand by Me! Yes! Great one that!


oooh, Primal Fear, now that has a good ending!


as does American Beauty and Seven...and pretty much anything w/ Kevin Spacey in it it seems :dozey:

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Kevin Spacey :cool:

Seven freaked me out completely from the opening titles all the way through to the end! :stunned: Made the mistake of watching it on my own at night, got totally engrossed and was literally on the edge of my seat by the end when my other half walked in and touched my arm :o I hadn't heard him come in and jumped about 20 feet into the air :lol: Doubly freaky cos my name's Tracy too (don't like it when bad things happen to people who share my name!)


The Thomas Crown Affair (Pierce Brosnan remake) has a great ending, well the bit before the ending with all the lookielikies in the gallery is :cool:

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Can't think for the life of me what the film is called but it's got Ewan MacGregor in it and Christopher Eccleston (I think) - they share a flat with a girl, advertise for another flatmate then they find him dead in his room with a suitcase full of money - that's a fantastic ending!!! What's the name of that film.......

*runs off to check*

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