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How Can I Get Promo Cds.....


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Hi dear. There where several copies sold during last months, particularly during the month of November and december. Those are quite difficult to find but to each problem we can try to find solutions. How much are you ready to pay for one (or both) of those?


About "Lovers in Japan" I've seen so far 3 different copies: a RARE UK Promo Release, US Promo, & a Scarce Japanese (on slimline single format).


About "Lost" you can obtain the EP on the WEB (Official Release), There are at least 2 UK Promo (A Blue One with 3 tracks including an instrumental version, & a Red Cover version With Jay-Z & a Live


Just tell us the price you are ready to to pay for one of those or check regularly oneBay (that means 3-4 times a week).


Good luck

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the Safety Ep is the mother of all rare ( and expensive ) coldplay releses. it's not impossible to find one, but more impossible to pay one. prices go from 700-900 € so good luck with that.

Personally i've seen less mince spies come up on ebay, but they cost a handful less than the Safety EP. probably a 150-250 €

Lovers in japan will probably not be sold in regular cd stores as virgin megastore, try looking for smaller cd stores that specify in rare singles. There are also like 'meetings' of cd collectors than seel their stuff. I always got to one in my neighbourhood and always come back with loads of coldplay stuff i don't have yet for much less than on ebay. ( the blue parachutes promo f.e, 8€).

But ebay is your friend mate, it's the best way to get rare stuff from all over the world. I think every coldplay collector on here buy stuff of there

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don't just check ebay.com, check ALL ebay sites individually. Unless the seller has chosen to sell internationally and play the extra fee, the item may or may not show on your local ebay site. Before bidding/buying, make sure s/he will ship to you.


check all the market place sites. GEMM, netsoundsmusic, musicstack, etc... Each offers thousands of vendors the opportunity to sell through their sites, avoiding the auction sites. I've found many great buys on market place sites (Mince Spies for $25 USD, for example).


Avoid EIL; they're overpriced assholes.


finally, don't forget about general internet searches for hard-to-find record shops worldwide. I have amassed approximately 500 that I like, am comfortable with and who generally carry a good selection on a regular basis. I search these about once a week.


Lastly, be prepared to pay. If you really want it, it might cost, but depending on general availability, you may not see another opportunity for purchase.


Over the years, I've accumulated approximately 600 Coldplay CD's and vinyl records by just repeatedly checking auction sites and marketplace sites. It also helps to be super thankful and polite with all sellers, as if they take a shining to you, may make you offers to buy rare stock before they place an item up for public sale. I've made a lot of friends on contacts this way.


Good Luck!

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