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Some delicious copy pasta.


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life is pointless


everyday I go to college, I look around at the ignorant masses. smiling, laughing, joking. talking of their shallow music and movies. one look at them tells me they've never questioned their existence.


pretending to enjoy their alcohol and pot-smoking fuelled weekends. damaging their bodies, dieing younger. all the while unaware of how pointless their mindless existence is.


probably think they're going to "heaven". infact i find it hard to believe they actually think consciously. sometimes i wonder if they're free of anxiety at all times, on auto pilot. i thought the existential dread was engrained in the human psyche... but in these fools, im not so sure. I can't cope knowing all these morons don't know how pointless their fleeting existence is.


ah, to be a simple man. i wish to break free of this terrible existential struggle. my heart wearies. my will grows weaker by the day. Is it possible to escape this, in a world of morons?


"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."




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Whoever wrote this is both an egotistical jerkoff who clearly thinks he's better than everyone and is also missing the point of life, which is there IS NO POINT, but there is LESS POINT in MOPING about it. At least get an endorphin rush every now and then, you know?


And if he's only realizing "ohhh life is pointlesss" in FUCKING COLLEGE he's pretty SLOW too apparently. Christ.

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We all think we are resonable people. In fact we mesure how resonable other people are by comparing them to ourselves.

A friend of mine who occasionally steals bits and peices from supermarkets has it all justified in his head: he's not doing anything wrong; it's not really stealing.

We are all likely to believe we posses the right levels of honesty, charm, intelligence and taste; and even if we think of ourselves as terribly shy or ininteresting, we'll make up for it by knowing we're really decent or honest or really interesting when you get to know us.

However modestly we talk about ourselves, we think we've got it all right, and are justified in our behaviour.

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