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Did Jonny graduate with a degree in Astronomy & Mathematics?


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I read somewhere that all of them graduated except for Guy. Don't know if that's really true though. :\
Yeah, if I remember right they were either studying for or had just written their final exams right when they signed their record deal. Guy had dropped out by then, but the rest of them finished everything and went straight to the studio afterwards.


Maybe there are clearer details on the timeline?

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^ I am still in doubt, I don't think they graduated because they started classes in 1996 which means that they would have completed their degrees by 2000 or 2001. They had already released Parachutes in that time frame and were quasi-touring already.

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I believe they did all graduate, but Guy, since I remember something focusing on that and that they made it a point to finish their degrees before starting their career fully... I think they were still taking classes during the early Parachutes stuff.


Oh, and yeah, Jonny did do Astronomy. I think it was that and Maths?


I did a minor in Astronomy :smug:

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January 5, 2009 - submitted by Sophie, Australia


Q. Hi there, O' wise Oracle! ^_^ I'm an 14 year old who's insanely addicted to Coldplay (can't wait for their concert!) However, I pose you a question... If the band never joined together and made Coldplay, what subjects would each of the guys study at university? (Assuming they all went there) ^^ Thanks!



The Oracle replies:


All four met at the University College London where Chris took Ancient World Studies, Jonny read Maths and Astronomy, Will studied Anthropology and they all passed. Guy started training to be an engineer but he didn't complete the course as things were going well with the band.

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