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Coldplaying and Coldplayzone Meeting @ Dublin Castle, Camden Town, September, 17th

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I think it was one of the best moment of my London trip!

First of all, i personally want to thank every Coldplaying users who was really patient to wait for me and my mates from Italy... but it was too awesome to be told with simple words!


Meeting Ian for the first time in my life is priceless! It seemed they were friends since 1938! :D


A lot of beers, a lot of emotional moments, a great meeting! We were sitting in a place loaded by eraly Coldplay presence and i wanted to change the silence moment of the initial part of the night selecting 'Square One' and 'White Shadows' in the jukebox. It was the starting point of a terrific party!

Almost 30 coldplaying users and almost 20 coldplayzoners (some of them arrived later) were proud and honoured to be there and to share feelings, ideas, opinions about Coldplay and all their world.


We stood a Coldplaying-Coldplayzone performance setlist. Screams all over the pub, a great choir that involved the other people for sure:


Square One (Angie was too surprised when i moved her attention on it)

White Shadows (Chavi decided to stand up immediately on the first line and to dance)

Speed Of Sound

Low (there were two spanish Coldplaying users, i don't remember the nickname actually)

The Hardest Part

Fix You (the most awesome moment, everyone lost his/her voice there, i'm sure)

A Message

Swallowed In The Sea (sung by every italian there!!!)


It was great to enjoy there a lot of beer with Coldplaying users who usually i can meet on MSN or on this board!

And i'm pretty sure it was appreciated by everyone of us who was there!


Soon my pictures...

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Pat, it was such a pleasure to meet you :)


I put most of the money into the jukebox for x&y...now I wish I had put even more. Fix You was UNBELIEVABLE.


God bless you all and thank you for such an incredible evening, I will never forget it :dance:


P.S. Not too many embarrassing pics of me on this thread I hope please! But I would love all the pics, so please PM me for my email address :)


P.P.S. Pat I want that second version of Ladder to the Sun that I've never heard!

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@PePe 57: for the Italians is an hard test to be without a pizza for a week!


@Pete: the pleasure is mine! Great moment in there! Thank you so much for your words, i'm really touched!

About the pictures... you seem you're not in my photos, so... relax yourself! :)

And... for Ladder To The Sun... i'll give you the track asap!

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So glad we met ! :nice: I had so much fun that night with you all.

And I do NOT understand why everybody asked me if I was hangover the day after... :dozey:


:P looking forward to the next meet up ! in Italy, maybe ?

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Guest LiquidSky
So you're Patrizio ? Haha was so funny to see you italian guys coming with pizzas in Russel square, like you can't live without :lol:


This meeting seemed so awesome, wish I have been here with you all !


okay that just made laugh!


*picturing that*:laugh3:

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