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i mean that whole 'ekstra dimension' could be right... i mean, if she's not in controle of anything. cos you know... there's never been a woman in the band, and a band is always evolving, so maybe this i just the next step. The thing i just CANT imagine is gweneth SINGING?!!? it's just a confusing image!

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:lol: rubbish.

I'm not saying she's not going to sing on their album, just saying this article is rubbish - especially this bit:


"All three of them, particularly Guy, are miffed that Chris has become this megastar while they still remain the sort of blokes you’d walk past in the street."


How many times did the guys, ESPECIALLY GUY, say they wanted to stay in the background and are very pleased that Chris is the one in the spotlight?


Ah man. I don't really mind Gwyneth singing, although I do find it a bit odd :dozey:

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