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Hello from LatinAmerica!


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Hello there!!


Sorry, my english could be terrible,

But I just want to introduce my self .


<3 <3


I knew Coldplay since i was a little child,

at 5 years old (i think),

but i really knew about them when i was 12 (now i'm 17),

cause i liked very much "Peter Pan 2004",

and its trailer had the "clocks" song....

So, since that time, "Clocks" is my favorite song.


I just like Colplay cause' they are simple persons,

(actually i don't like anyone in special there)

And i'm a musician too,

so is very inspired know that, a band can make great things

(like help in GreenPeace,

and writte lyrics with a social sence),

and be famous at the same time (not, like others....),

Cause me and my band wants the same stuff!!!


Also, as a "music maker" i think that their music is very clean and make the listeners get "so high". I love how John play tha guitar (cause i'm a guitarrist),

and I start the "slide lessons" when i was 13 with the "Coldplay Live 2003-DVD".



I forgot it!

My name is Ana María,

but my friends call me "Nana".


If you want information about Coldplay in LatinAmérica, or just want to know other Coldplayers in Colombia, write me:


[email protected]



"Finally, we just make what we want with this talent (Music), in this unreal chance to "save the world", even when the mass-media and a whole crowd think is wrong. Don´t scream, don't cry. We are just humans. Try to do your own".

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