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The Farthest youve ever gone in the name of COLDPLAY???

ViVA Child

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I for-fitted getting a car so i could buy tickets


....i missed the first day of summer school to go to their concert


and im going to a concert in their latin american tour ...... in columbia

which is not within close proximity to California.... in march


and thats another thing

have their tickets alwas been so expensive??


i went to go buy tickets for a concert in mexico..... 3,000 DOLLARS!!:shocked2::stunned::o


isnt that just a teensey weensey bit much????

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*after be scared for the thread title, that made her remember the Thechurchofchrismartin holy war against coldplaying*


you are going far... but is your choice.


and yep i find 3000 dollars for a ticket really expensive.


their concert tickets have gone more expensive with the time, previous tour here (Spain), it cost 30-40€ a ticket, Viva Tour tickets were at an average cost of 50-60€, normal seat.

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- I flew across the country from Maryland to L.A. for their Carson show...all in 2 days...

- I drove seven hours from Maryland to North Carolina for their Raleigh shows...all in 2 days...

- I took the metro into DC during rush hour on a school night for their Halloween show last year...

Other than alienating lots of people due to my incessant discussion of everything Coldplay, that's all. :)

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I dont have much :(


During the concert I was so close to the c stage and this mean girl was standing with her boyfriend and would le me pass, she had like so much space infront of her, so I shoved her, she should've fell down the stairs, almost did and was tell her boyfriend how I shoved her, but w/e, nothing kept me from getting closer, except security gaurds of course :p


Sad, I know lets hope I get more chances to see them :wacky:

I live in the middle of no where, I am glad they finally came to my no where :)

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