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Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...


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Nicky, you like Coldplay AND Radiohead too?





Doesn't everyone love Coldplay AND Radiohead? :roll: By the way I love Supergrass too but I am not allowed 6............hehehehe :lol: Danny + Gaz from Supergrass were just on MTV2 being interviewed and they are so lovely and funny :D Their album is out soon and the new single is out next week I think - woo hoo!! :multi:
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ooooohhh, whoops. :oops: i remember now - i read a review of that somewhere and remember the wetness - and somewhere in it it said that standing in the rain listening to radiohead might be some people's idea of hell, but for them it couldn't get any better.

(I must confess, I've only got The Bends but I bought Catherine OK Computer for her birthday with the intention of "borrowing" it and she's only gone and lost it! so i don't actually know that much radiohead stuff - but what i do know, i love) :lol:

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yey! - see, i said at the start of today i'd be a computer nerd before i knew it and now i'm taking my first steps! woohoo! (this may all come in quite handy actually cos i'm being made to do IT key skills, and i can't do anything - there you go, i'm not sad for spending so much time here cos it's all educational) yey! :lol:

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