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maybe I'll put two pillow cases on. I'm pretty anal about my pillow cases though...they have to be cotton and somewhat fluffy..not that scratchy slippery fabric.

Hmmm.. well, I am about the same - I like cotton ones too. Maybe put the Kevlar ones on the inside, and the cotton ones on the outside? LOL!;)

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Yip. I use one. I love it. Started using one after I was getting stenosis/pinched nerves in my neck and head from my previous pillow... one of those contour pillows. Didn't find out until after using a contour pillow for over a year that there is a little teenie weenie warning on the packaging that they shouldn't be used by people who are 5'3" or shorter. Yeah... I'm 5' even, so it completely jacked up my neck. But I'm much better with the feather pillow now! Only downside... sometimes my head sinks so far that the sides of the pillow surround my ears, and I don't hear my alarm clock in the morning. :lol:

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