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Johnny Depp


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So I searched and I couldn't find another thread dedicated to Johnny, which is a shame :(.


It's likely he will probably be up for the Golden Globes and probably the Oscars for Best Actor playing John Dillinger in Public Enemies :wacky: I love awards season...



and Alice and Wonderland March 5 2010! :bomb: cant wait!



Discuss Johnny's brilliance here!




Also of course congats on Johnny getting 2009 People's sexiest again... :rolleyes:


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alice in wonderland is going to be fantastic... Tim Burton is a stellar director, i love his animated films the most, the way he experiments with shapes make his movies a pleasure to watch, and Johnny Depp is beyond ausome aswell, i loved him in pirates of the carribean although i was somewhat dissapointed with public enemies, i found the trailor to be misleading, and they tried to keep the footage raw in order to enhance the experience, just made it more cumbersome to sit threw, although i loved that movie aswell (if i may completely contradict myself for a moment)

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Sweeney Todd. :wacky: and can't wait for Alice in Wonderland as well! :mellow:


he's such a great actor and a great person... i've read somewhere that he had offered help to Nic Cage regarding his financial troubles. I think it is because it was Nic Cage who helped him get a breakthrough in Hollywood. :mellow:

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Tim Burton + Johnny Depp = Brilliance...



Johnny always feels the most comfortable around Tim he has said, so it's bound to be a fabulous performance... :nice:



This was posted on the 19th.

Johnny, Helena and Tim were all at the MoMA for Tim's benefit... :D



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^*stands up* "Oh, that's why"


Johnny Depp is MY HERO! I really cant describe how much this man means to me! Let's just say all my freaking money is gone because of him :lol:! He's the one who inspired me to get into acting, and I love it! I cant believe there wasnt a thread about him! And I CANT WAIT until Alice In Wonderland and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus comes out!!



Oh, and Tim Burton is a genius, if you live in New York, GO TO HIS ART GALLERY!!!!


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