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State The Best - NOT YOUR FAVOURITE - Coldplay Song of all Time.


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Done it?
















































Now. If you DIDN'T choose Clocks, you are stupid. Now, Coldplay has many great songs. Life in Technicolour, the Scientist, Swallowed in the Sea plus many more. BUT, when you think about the legacy each song has left, HOW many songs will be there to remember.


















Just one. 'Clocks' by Coldplay.

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If you're talking about the best Coldplay song in terms of the legacy it left, then it would undoubtably have to be Yellow. It was the song that broke Coldplay into America!


I think in terms of legacy, I'd have to agree. Most people will know and recognise Yellow even if they're not really a fan.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

The best Coldplay song written?


It hasn't been done yet, but the best one at the moment is undoubtedly A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

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Alot of fans came from Viva La Vida, so why not?..

It's very mainstream but still, it's a pretty kick ass song..


And i do agree with Yellow.. so i'm tied.

But the best shit, i do gotta say.. is Fix You..


And the only thing that made Clocks so popular was the begining.

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