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The Oasis 2.0 Thread


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What a joke.


"Liam Gallagher Names New Band Oasis 2.0, Says Album Will Be Out by July 2010

12/17/2009 By Josiah Hughes


When Noel Gallagher left Oasis earlier this year, Liam and the gang announced plans to continue making music in a new band. He was tempted to keep the name Oasis, but now he's gone one step further by giving it the sure-to-be controversial name Oasis 2.0.


Speaking with News of the World [via Consequence of Sound], Liam said that Oasis 2.0 (which is only a working title at this point) are pretty much the exact same band. “It ain’t a new direction,” he said. We’re not making reggae music or rap music. It might have a bit more energy and be fresher. It’s not going to be that different.”


Not only are they the same band, but they're aiming to have their album finished and released before Noel can blink an eye. “I'd like to have a record out by July next year,” Liam said. “We've already done about three songs and they're sounding fucking amazing.”


According to a report from the Daily Star [via Digital Spy], the new album might come bundled with a documentary. One of Liam's friends allegedly spoke to the tabloid, saying, “Liam is fed up with people thinking Noel was the brains behind the group. By filming studio sessions, fans can see how hard he works, and how involved he is in the creative process. Liam takes his job very seriously and isn't afraid at letting the cameras poke their lenses in to prove it.”



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Guest howyousawtheworld

What in Gods name is Liam Gallagher thinking of here? I am bemused as he should know that it should just simply be a Liam Gallagher solo record and not named anything else. Gem and Andy can be his backing band - but that's as far as it goes for me. Oasis 2.0 - what a dreadful mistake.



Can't wait for Noel's solo album. Now that will be immense and worth it. ;)

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Yeah, same. Seriously.


So anybody here a huge Oasis 2.0 fan? Excited for the Oasis 2.0 album? Wll they upgrade their name everytime Liam pisses somebody off and they leave the band?


Good to see you added a thread for this Briggsy. I'm a massive Oasis fan, and really, I don't give a rats ass whether the new band is titled Oasis 2.0 - as long as they put decent material on it, and Liam's on song with his vocals, then there's really nothing to worry about. I am genuinely excited about the release to see how the band goes without Noel - I know he's not replaceable, but there is new opportunities for the existing members to make an exciting sound that previous fans and even new followers may love.

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