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I just corrupted my iPod apparently


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Halp please! :nice:


I tried restoring it but the iPod and computer are on a strict "no-talking" basis right now.


Do the Mac people have a habit of giving out replacements to malfunctioning iPods to people who don't have the bill of sale? (What a silly question.)


(I'm fucked aren't I)

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you better make an appointment with apple store in prior to go to the place, all i know is free.


i had corrupted my ipod once a while about 4 years ago, i totally remembered when one of the mac stuffs said that the hardware of the ipod had broken inside it, and so my sister gave me another ipod which was used itouch and i got used to it already :D

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Apple Customer = Fucked as a prison inmate



Nice to see a bit of Christmas cheer around here :rolleyes:


Anyway, a friend of mine had a problem with her iPod and took it to the Apple store who managed to help her fix it. I'd say visit your nearest store, it's worth a shot :D

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mine crashes rarely, but sometimes just won't sync & the only way to get it working again is to allow iTunes to restore it to factory settings & then re-sync everything back in. bloody annoying.


& the only way to get it to let iTunes to restore when the sync fails, is to press & hold the middle button & the menu (or was it the play/pause?) buttons down until some old school looking icon comes up to say something about it being in "hard disk mode".


bloody annoying...but at least it's not dying on me, i guess. :(

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