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Jonas Bjerre

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Guest LiquidSky
Hello there! It is so nice to meet other Coldplay fans.


I am not Crests.


I have the feeling that I should ban you.. should I?:inquisitive:

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Guest LiquidSky
Why would you ban me? I am not here to cause any trouble. :disappointed:



because we are not allowed to have 2 accounts, dear...:(

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eff off and die, mkay :nice:

Take your meds, love :nice:

Welcome! If you are who you say, and are only one, then please stay.:) This is of course an order of the Knights of the Round Table, and as such, you are welcome to an equal seat at the table. Peace be with you.

Pleasure to meet you Chuck! :smiley:


Thank you!

Hello Jonas, didn't know you were a Coldplay fan... :thinking:


How's Silas and Bo btw...? Did they get tired? ;)

No, they only call me once a week.

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Velkommen Jonas Bjerre :)

Ok.. Så hvis du virkelig er Jonas Bjerre himself..

- Forsanger i Mew og medlem af bandet Apparatjik..

Så kan du da lige svare mig på pæredansk? :D

I dette tilfælde er det en ære at møde dig herinde..

Hvis ikke.. Crest!!! :dozey:


Ok, lige nogle spørgsmål:

Hvad havde du i dine tanker, da i skrev Snowbrigade?

Hvad står 156 for?

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