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The Forum is Really Exciting Right Now


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I think the word you're looking for is community. As in people hang around because they get to know other people. Topical boards that stay topical get a bit stale before long.


Well as far as I can see he was trying to be nice at first. :inquisitive: Man, I thought you were real at first, but the longer this goes on the less I'm sure. :wtf: And seeing how Reilly's pulled off some of the best aliases in board history, he has a right to be paranoid. :thinking::P


People get institutionalized. And there's the fights. Stick around long enough you'll see...


I couldn't careless what you think of me or what the troll guy thinks of me. It's just I can't stand it when someone thinks they are bringing up good points when in reality they are making a fool of them self.


And plus it is just a message board :P

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Guest LiquidSky
So I take it this Horrific Attack guy is like the final boss of the Coldplaying message board?


and someone is really exciting right now too:inquisitive:

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