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hair removal methods


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Which one do you prefer?






I just epilated my legs. It wasn't that bad. Next i'm gonna do my bikini line, i'm a bit more scared of that.


I usually shave my legs and wax my bikini line but i got an epilator for christmas so now i've got to use it..so yay for the pain!


Feel my pain, girls (and guys) :disappointed:

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I bought the Smooth Away cause I always want things I see on infomercials :shame:

It kinda sucks.


So shaving I guess!



Hahaha, you thought they'd really work? :lol: I just googled it and those things look pretty damn useless..

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i usually just shave. i dont even know why, because i HATE IT SO MUCH. i live in alaska, its winter for 8 months. when are you going to see me running around in shorts? never. ever. so sometimes i go awhile without.

i know its gross. i still shave my armpits, so whatever. *defensive*





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