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Whatever it takes - tote and canvas


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I would love to buy the tote bag and canvas Coldplay designed for Whatever it Takes, with the positive sign.


Especially the canvas seems hard to find.


Does anyone know where I can still get these? Thanks so much :kiss:

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^Well I found mine in a little random shop when I visited York, in England. There were a lot of 'Whatever It Takes' canvas from various artists and they were all on sale for 1 pound. I got very lucky there (as it is my friend, Doritji on this board, who saw the canvas in the window :P).


Maybe if you go on their website? Whateverittakes.org?

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it says the canvas is available :thumbsup::D


It just means it's available as a physical item, not for sale on the site... sorry! :sad:


Only the mouse mat, plate set and mug are available to purchase:




These are the only canvas prints available to purchase:



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It really was limited to 5000? :thinking: Cause I hear a lot of people on board saying they've got one, it doesn't seem that rare. And I also got it in random little shop in York, on a special sale. I mean, if it had been that rare, it wouldn't have been there, no?


EDIT: Oh yeah, nevermind, I remember seeing this stick on the wrapping.






Try this maybe.

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Keep dreaming :rolleyes:



I know :bigcry:




I'm playing with you, but I'm sure that one will come on ebay one day.

Yep, eBay is my last hope, but I fear the prices now that it's no longer available. I'll keep an eye on it!

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