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£1m home trashed by gatecrashers after boy advertises party on Facebook


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1m home trashed by gatecrashers after boy advertises party on Facebook



By Kate Loveys

Last updated at 1:31 AM on 06th February 2010






article-1248923-082BDDF1000005DC-871_233x316.jpg Left alone: There was mayhem at Aneesh Shukla's family home after he advertised a party on Facebook


When they left their teenage son at home for the weekend, the Shuklas thought he would spend a quiet evening with friends.

But they returned to find their £1million home had been destroyed by gatecrashers after their 16-year-old son advertised a party on Facebook.

Aneesh Shukla, a sixth form pupil at £21,000-a-year Westminster School, one of Britain's leading independent schools, reportedly asked his parents for £20 to buy fish and chips for friends before waving them off on their weekend trip.

Hours later more than 100 party-goers descended on his parents' gated property in Kingston-upon-Thames, South-West London, throwing objects from windows, smashing chandeliers, defacing cars and urinating out of windows.

The lawn was strewn with broken glass and teenagers shouting and screaming as bottles and cans were thrown at the neighbours' property, prompting them to call police twice.

It took six police cars and two ambulances to deal with the carnage. Two 'guests' were arrested on suspicion of theft, but later released.

Aneesh's father Raj, 57, who owns an IT supply company, and his mother Nishi, returned home on Sunday afternoon.

The next morning contract gardeners and cleaners were brought in to clear up the mess.

Neighbour Sally Manton, 47, arrived home shortly before midnight last Saturday and witnessed the destruction. 'There were teenagers all over the road, shouting and screaming, making a huge amount of noise,' she said.

'You could not see the grass for bottles and cans.

'Kids were drinking, vomiting, things were being thrown out from windows - an indoor fan - and even people weeing out of a first-floor window.'

Mrs Manton said she could not identify any of the children, many of whom were wearing hoodies. Another neighbour called the police but was told to refer the matter to the council's noise abatement team.

Mrs Shukla declined to comment on the party. She said: 'It was absolutely a private matter.'

A spokesman for the Met said police arrived at the property shortly before 1am on Sunday to reports of a disturbance.

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