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How The UK's Financial Crisis Could Lead To The Falklands Becoming Much More Than An Oil Dispute

Matter-Eater Lad

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There reports earlier of a naval showdown between Argentina and the UK.



Britain's financial crisis has backed Prime Minister Gordon Brown into a political corner as he tries to make up the vote deficit in the impending UK elections.


While the country now looks destined for a hung parliament, Brown has positioned himself well, refusing to go the uber-austerity route of Conservative leader David Cameron in terms of UK budget cuts.


The new Falklands crisis could pose a new set of questions for the Premier, as Murdoch run UK media outlets like The Sun ramp up coverage of the of the crisis in the build up to the election.


This could be either the political tonic to revive Labour or the poison to kill it, depending on how Brown deals with the crisis. If he appears strong, but not expansionist, he may be able to draw upon some of the working class voters who have felt distanced from the Labour Party since the recession began.


If, on the other hand, he blunders or overestimates its importance, Cameron could be seen as the sort of change the country needs, away from a Prime Minister who has been characterized as a bully.



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