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Person(s) you would most like to see dead. Or at least in some sort of uncomfortable way.


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So that was 2 years ago? You said you loved it :tongue:


2 years is a long time...especially at her age.

Yeah, two years ago I liked Coldplay. Psh.



Hey, leave my JoBros outta this! :angry:



There's this woman who spread nasty rumors about my mom and insulted her in public and such. I'd like to cast a fishing line into her insides and slowly reel out her intestines.

Sounds like 4:00-4:46 from this video

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqUwmGQ7Z98]YouTube- Hellraiser Tribute[/ame]


Caution, it's gruesome.

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Xtra factor, Dancing on Ice, This Morning, Celebrity Juice and All-Star Mr and Mrs are all hosting jobs she has at the moment.


Her and Fearne have done a series of Nintendo DS adverts and are now involved in a series of adverts for a clothing line of some sort.


This on top of a whole host of guest appearances on shows and magazine interviews (which are subsequently advertised on tv beforehand, but not all of them of course).


Yes her job is to present however I don't see too many other presenters with as much exposure. It also doesn't change the fact that I don't like her.

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Kanye West... someone needs to beat the shit out of that egocentric fucker. :P




And to add John Barrowman, he's intensely irritating, yes we all know your fucking gay! do you really need to bring it up every time you're interviewed every 20 seconds?, plus your music was shit and Dr Who could have done without you.

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