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Person(s) you would most like to see dead. Or at least in some sort of uncomfortable way.


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Thought i'd spread the hate. Of course there's not much point to this thread but it'd be interesting to see who you'd like to see six-feet under. Add in how you'd like them to die if you've often thought about it.


Note: If you don't hate someone or never wished they were dead (even if, on reflection you didn't mean it) then you can't really be all that human.


It can be anyone, celebrities, authors, family, friends, enemies, randomers, that Santa that fiddled you at the mall/shopping centre. ANYONE. Hell it can even be me. :D



Max Clifford

Peter Stringfellow

Rod Stewart



They all look pretty much the same in some morphing into each other kinda way.

Max is a parasite.

Strinfellow for wearing leopard print thongs when he's like 60-odd and a slimy ****.

Rod because his music is well shit and he's had the same haircut for about 40 years yet his wife and ex-girlfriend are out of his league.


I'd take great pleasure in slowly torturing each to death, possibly by making them shit in each others mouths then drowning them in each others piss. Fun. :laugh3:

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Whoa! Really? I remember you loved hanna montana and you saw her live? I think you told me that was your first gig ever hahaha


Yeah, when I was in 5th grade! That was before I found out she was a whore, plus her voice really sucked at that show. :tongue:

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