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Hello from Western NY!


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Hi, everybody, I'm Jill. I think I'm Coldplay's oldest member!:laugh3:


I got into the band in 2005 and became a real fan during a year spent in the UK in 2006. There I heard them on the radio almost every day and was treated to seeing them on TV quite often.


Saw them in concert in Toronto in July 2009 and immediately became as obsessed as anyone else in this forum! :wink3:


Chris is an amazing piano player and has inspired me to start playing again after many years away from the keys. I picked up several of the songbooks and started learning their songs. I'm proud because I now can play "Lovers in Japan" which is one of the most difficult pieces I've ever attempted!


You are such a warm and loving community and I would love to become part of the family here.


See you soon,



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