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Hello everyone!


I'm new on here altho I've been following this site/forum for some time already without being a member, but then I decided to just give it a go and finally register!


I'm Maria Rosaria and I'm from Italy, I know I have a real long name and you can call me Mary or Ros (that's the way my friends call me in real) or just call me the way you want it :D


I'm 20 (well, actually I'm going on 21... just a couple of months to go!) and I live in Souther Italy... I've been following Coldplay from the start and I've always loved them on a music side, but in the last one year and a half my best friend, who's totally fond of them (I hope I'll convince her to register on here as well altho she's pretty shy!), pointed out "better sides" of them apart from just music (ladies know wha I'm talking about!!!) and after years the whole thing got bigger.

My fave one from Cold is Guy... they're all great as musicians, guys, people, but he's has that "plus" catching my eye I believe. :rolleyes:


What else... hmm... I'm a student and I study linguistic mediation (Arabic-English) at University. I'm pretty friendly and I do speak alot! (I bet you could guess that by this self-introduction!!!) I love travelling and meeting new people. I love music, that's all I live for and I love singing, writing and making music with my friends.

I'm single atm and I just enjoy being with my girlfriends who light up my days daydreaming all together!


I bet I'll feel like home here with you all, my friends! :D


If you have any questions or want to know more about me, just ask me =)))


Sorry if I wrote thaaaaaaaaat much! :\


xXx, Mary

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Hello everyone and thanks to the all of you for the warm welcome! You're very nice!!!! :kiss:


:wacky: I like your username. Welcome! :nice:


Thanks, dear =) I choosed it to give a hint of the inner dreamer in me!


By the way, that's also my Twitter nickname, in case you want to add me :)

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