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We Tried Those Inhalable Caffeine Cigarettes And They Are Awesome!

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About a month ago we learned that a Harvard professor had invented inhalable caffeine cigarettes.


The product is called "Le Whif" and it was sold out for a while, but we finally got our hands on a pack last night at Dylan's Candy Shop on the Upper East Side. (~$9 for a pack of 3.)


Here's what we think.


Vince Veneziani: I'm really torn with the LeWhif. It actually works, delivering a caffeinated buzz for about an hour before subsiding. The taste is mediocre, like that of an old cup off coffee that's been sitting in the pot for awhile. The powder feels like coffee grains in your mouth but you don't feel anything going into your lungs. I'd like to see the stick itself shrink down to about half its current size. Right now it's too big and cumbersome to really enjoy. That and 3 for $9.00 just doesn't fit the bill right now, despite it being a tad cheaper than Starbucks.


Courtney Comstock: I like it. It works, it's fun, and I'm always looking for new ways to get energy sans calories (le whif only has 3). The taste is not mediocre, don't listen to Vince. It's sweet, kind of like those Starbucks espresso-in-a-can drinks, and I enjoyed it. The grains... I'm not a fan of the grains. They should be finer so you're not crunching on coffee and sugar bits. The caffeine content could also be stronger. Apparently you get 8 whifs per "Le whif" and I'd say that the real number is actually higher than 8 unless you're really crushing it. I would buy this again.


Nick Saint: I need to consume large quantities of caffeine at regular intervals to make it through the day, so I like the idea of mixing up the delivery mechanism. But I'm not convinced Le Whif has much lasting appeal. It's definitely effective, so if you dislike most or all caffinated beverages, it might be for you, but otherwise, I don't see it. It tastes like a mix of coffee grounds and sugar, which is essentially what it is. I could get behind something like Le Whif, but I don't see myself using Le Whif again.




Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/le-whif-inhalable-caffeine-cigarettes-2010-4#ixzz0kfXZGPlK



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