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Coldplay: The Singles and B-Sides


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After multiple USPS screw-ups and the long shipping, I finally received Coldplay: The Singles and B-Sides music book! From what I've realized, this book has every B-Side and single from the beginning to X&Y.


So many songs to choose from to learn! Maybe Shiver or How You See the World, first?

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If you got it from the coldplay store, I know what you mean with the long shipping. Took me ages to get a shirt from the American store.


Yeah, I ordered my VLV shirt from the store in November 09, and it didn't arrive until February.


Luckily though, I ordered it from eBay.


That's pretty awesome!


How long did you have to wait for the book to arrive on your doorstep, though?


It was supposed to take 4 - 7 days, but after USPS kept screwing up the shipment, it was sent back to Georgia and then re-sent. So, all-in-all, about three weeks.


BTW: Nice use of "Sinlges"


Lol. Looks like I was in a hurry.

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