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Red Bull gave me an ASBO!!


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Red Bull gave me an ASBO: Energy drink addiction makes me see the red mist, claims 'neighbour from hell' mother



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:44 PM on 20th April 2010




Energy addiction: Amy O'Donnell claims her mood swings were due to her love of Red Bull


A mother labelled a 'neighbour from hell' after being given an Asbo has blamed her vicious and aggressive behaviour on an addiction to energy drink Red Bull.

Jobless Amy O'Donnell, 24, was given an anti-social behaviour order after residents reported her for terrorising her neighbourhood in Hull, East Yorks.


Her five-year reign of mischief has featured singling out vulnerable members of the public for sickening verbal abuse, and joining forces with other yobs in a callous attack on a woman with learning difficulties.


At least two residents have moved out after being targeted by O'Donnell - but she denies the claims, saying her heavy use of the energy drink makes her seem high and aggressive, yet she is actually just 'hyperactive'.


O'Donnell, who has a six-year-old son, Kieran, spends up to £20 a day on the drink, which is designed to give an energy boost at times of exertion.


She said: 'It's not just one can, not just two, but 10, maybe 15 cans a day - and people say 'Amy, you are off your head'.

'But I'm not, it's just this Red Bull. You could say I'm addicted. It makes me hyperactive.


'People report me for walking down the street, looking like I'm high, but I'm not high, just hyper.'

The main problems have occurred on the street her parents live in in the city.


If the single mother breaches the order, which prevents her from abusive behaviour and bans her from the area with the exception of her parents' house, she faces jail.


A terrified resident said: 'Amy really is aggressive by nature, I think. Her abuse to people isn't just now and again, it's every time you step out of your house. People down here now go out in pairs because you don't feel safe on your own."


PC Alistair Kennedy, of the Northern Neighbourhood Policing team - which applied for the Asbo - said: 'She was a nightmare, she terrorised residents, she mostly picked on single parents and the vulnerable and made their life hell.


'There were six residents in the street who she absolutely terrorised. O'Donnell is a particularly nasty bit of work.'


Another resident added: 'The proper solution would have been be to ban her coming to the close altogether.


'She's still in the area and that is what worries people. But the police have been fantastic, they have done everything they said they would.'


A spokesperson for Red Bull said: "A 250ml can of Red Bull energy drink contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, which is 80mg.


'The consumption of Red Bull energy drink should therefore correspond to a person's regular intake of coffee.

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