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Cameras arrived. :nice:








Unused film (I think) for the Smena SL :thinking:



Gotta love f/1.8 :tongue:



By the way, I saw that camera on flickr the other day. It looks awesome. :wacky:




Kinda looks like a ship. :D



If you want to do the one-photo-on-multiple-films thing, it's not that difficult to mod a medium format camera to 70mm (i.e. two rolls of 35mm film). Tut for Holga here. Not as awesome as the Battlefield, but way easier to do. :D






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:wideeyed::wideeyed: your new cameras are beautiful. :wacky:



I am planning to do the doubles on my Holga next actually. So, thanks for the tutorial! it was not really exactly how I thought it's done! :laugh3::laugh3: but im actually more worried on the processing of the films.


Are they processed separately then merged manually or something? or i can actually ask the shop to process the films together?? i dont know. :bigcry: :(

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Haha, I'd happily destroy my Holga for 70mm if I had one. But I think Holga has too many restrictions, it will probably annoy the hell out of me. And I would need to but a new scanner as well. :wacky:


Btw, I found a really, really old Fotol (I think? Can't open the back again :tongue:) film in my Smena 8. I think I still have about half a roll that's been unexposed. Very excited to see if I'll get something usable. :D


Any ideas how to use this? :sweatdrop:

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You are right Sol :) ill try with some films i bought from this store, they are going to stop to sell them, so they are selling 3 kodak superia 200 iso pack for only 3,29€ .. and the 400iso 3 pack for 0.99 cents lol i almost bring them all :blush: .. ill show the results after i try them



Fietssleutel i have no idea :\ did u try to pull the film? and whats your name ? :laugh4: its hard to write your nick

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